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Why politics should not figure into L.A. city lawyer race


May 15, 2022
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To the editor: It is regrettable that The Times has actually fallen under the trap of evaluating the prospects for Los Angeles city lawyer utilizing unimportant characteristics even if they are the ones being worried by the prospects themselves.

Having actually practiced community law for more than 40 years, and having actually acted as the city lawyer for a variety of Southern California cities, I can inform you that the most essential requirements for the task are these: the capability to deal with council members and personnel no matter their politics or individual peculiarities; understanding of and desire to recommend those people about the statutory and constitutional limitations on their proposed actions; and the capability to arrange workflow and supervise workers in the city lawyer’s own workplace.

Political association, an impoverished youth, success in winning claims or prosecuting criminal offenses and even silly remarks (if made years ago) do not inform you anything about whether the prospect fulfills any of those requirements.

Stephanie Scher, Los Angeles

To the editor: Who at The Times identified the “2 leading prospects” for city lawyer?

Both are “previous” Republicans who easily now determine as Democrats. One ran unsuccessfully for workplace in Virginia and Vermont; the other hosted a right-leaning talk program on regional AM radio. Each appears to be following Constable Alex Villanueva’s project playbook of pretending to be what you are not.

The leading prospects ought to be those with constant political views and a dedication to civil service.

Eric Carlson, Los Angeles

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