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Farm and Food: ‘Gathered livestock, butchered markets’


May 15, 2022
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You do not require to be a vegan to understand that animals and poultry aren’t “collected,” the spotless verb that’s ended up being stylish amongst farm and cattle ranch groups to decrease completion– as in The End– of the majority of animals their members grow.

Soybeans are collected; pigs are butchered. Wheat is collected; livestock are butchered.

It’s not a technicality, firmly insists C. Robert Taylor, Eminent Scholar of Agricultural Economics and Public Law at Auburn University, in his just recently launched writing on today’s severely damaged livestock markets. Taylor telegraphs the paper’s style through its title, “Harvested Livestock, Slaughtered Markets?”

The semantic sarcasm isn’t unexpected: While U.S. farm and product groups invested years polishing meat’s image (” harvesting”), worldwide agbiz invested their time and resources purchasing up, then controling– ahem, butchering– farm and food sectors such as seed, livestock, poultry and grocery selling.

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