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Company Licenses Might 14, 2022|Records


May 14, 2022
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The following service licenses were submitted from Might 2 through Might 6:

• Helios Intermediate Inc. & & Subsidiary, New York City, New york city, portfolio management

• Excellence Associates LLC, Fort Wayne, Indiana, nonclassifiable facility

• Health Carousel LLC, Cincinnati, Ohio, doctors workplace

• Benefit House Service, 2507 Hillbrooke Parkway, Owensboro, specialized trade specialists

• Jason McPherson, 7965 Sauer Lane, Owensboro, real-estate lessor

• Progressive Looks LLC, 3026 Hidden Lake Point, Owensboro, individual care service

• Alex Nicholas Warren, 227 Saint Ann St. Ste. 101, Owensboro, insurance coverage company

• CBRE Technical Provider LLC, Richardson, Texas, building/dwelling services

• JAG Industrial Provider Inc., Dallas, Texas, legal bodies

• Brittany Stofer, 3800 Frederica St. Ste. 2, Owensboro, hair salon

• Seedy Eye Software Application LLC, 3807 Steele Drive, Owensboro, computer system programs services

• KB Information LLC, 934 Eastwood Drive, Owensboro, cars and truck wash

• Rad Lad House Repair Work, 3916 State Path 554, Owensboro, specialized house specialists

• Ray Nik Enterprises LLC, 1203 Cubicle Ave., Owensboro, lessors of domestic buildings/dwellings

• Hunter’s Pride Building Inc., Harrisonville, Missouri, concrete structure and structure specialists

• ACML, 2565 Eastland Drive, Owensboro, engineering services

• Kings-N-Queens Lounge, 503 E. 18th St., Owensboro, amusement and leisure markets

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