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Robert Sofia on Balancing Financial Consultant Marketing


May 13, 2022
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In this video David Armstrong, editor-in-chief & & executive director of material, WealthManagement.com, and Robert Sofia, CEO, Snappy Kraken, talk about the advantages of imaginative marketing techniques in monetary preparation.

Enjoy as David and Robert emphasize:


  • The input of genuine information on monetary marketing intelligence through Stylish Kraken’s previous research studies.
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  • How essential is a genuine voice behind monetary consultant marketing and how it enhances trust and regard for the consultant.
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  • How did the Consultant Site acquisition come to life for Stylish Kraken, and how will it incorporate into Stylish Kraken’s organization in the future.
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  • How does Snappy Kraken react to consultants when handling compliance: Is the compliance issue more of a psychological barrier to imagination, copywriting or style? Exist options around the genuine compliance concerns?
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