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Remarks By President Biden Highlighting State and Regional Leaders Who Are Investing American Rescue Strategy Financing


May 13, 2022
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3:26 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Great afternoon, folks. I– I’m flanked by genuine security here. (Laughter.) Thank you all for being here. And I wish to– I wish to thank the Attorney general of the United States, Merrick Garland, who is supporting me, for joining us today. He’s doing an extraordinary task as our Attorney general of the United States.

I simply met this amazing group of regional authorities and cops chiefs standing along with me here. We wished to speak about what they’re doing to decrease violence and to keep our neighborhood safe, and how more neighborhoods can follow their result in decrease criminal offense and make sure public security as we– as we head into the summertime.

You understand, I have actually dealt with these concerns for a long period of time– when I was a United States senator and as Vice President. So– so this group of leaders– Democrats and Republicans– representing huge cities and rural counties– we– we really understand what works.

All of us concurred, as I have actually stated from the start, that the response is not to defund the cops. The response is to money the cops with the resources and training they require to safeguard our neighborhoods, purchasing criminal offense avoidance and liable neighborhood law enforcement officer who’ll stroll the beat, understand the area, and who can bring back trust and security in the areas. That’s what it is.

When you understand who owns a regional alcohol shop, understand who the pastor of the church is, understand– it makes a huge distinction when you understand the neighborhood. Which’s been my technique from the first day.

That’s why we developed the American Rescue Strategy not just to beat the pandemic, however to reconstruct our economy, however to bring back public security. And we comprehended the obstacle from the start.

Neighborhoods were dealing with an increasing tide of violence that accompanied this pandemic we went through over the last 2 years. And it was occurring at a time when state and regional spending plans were under significant stress.

Since of the pandemic, numerous individuals laid off, their earnings was not being available in. They were shooting everybody from law enforcement officer to school instructors to very first responders.

However prior to the American Rescue Strategy, these bu— their spending plans remained in deep distress in the states and areas.

One research study sounded previously– discovered that prior to the Rescue Strategy was passed, 27 percent of the mayors in America were needing to cut– make deep cuts and layoffs in police along with other locations. So we ensured that the American Rescue Strategy offered considerable resources to keep that from occurring.

Through the law, we offered $350 billion– let me state that once again– $350 billion straight– not to the legislatures– straight to cities, counties, and states separately of one another– cash that might be utilized to employ back law enforcement officer, to purchase tested techniques like neighborhood violence disturbance and avoidance programs, and to keep their cities and counties safe, and reduce the concern on police.

Since of that financing, states and cities had the ability to include back 460,000 tasks, consisting of law enforcement officer, in addition to firemens, teachers, and other seriously essential functions.

And, by the method, not a single keep in mind— not a single Republican member of Congress elected the cash for police, public security, to support these– and to support these spending plans– not a single one– for the states, the cities, and the counties. Not one.

However I believe we’re discovering they’re appearing now since they’re recognizing this is going to make a distinction and starting to make a distinction.

Throughout the nation, state and regional leaders responded to the call. And currently, more than one– more than $10 billion of the American Rescue Strategy funds have actually been devoted to violence avoidance and public security throughout America.

In truth, in– 2021 was among the greatest years on record when it concerns federal assistance provided straight to state and city governments to deal with and avoid criminal offense.

And, folks, standing here with me today, blazing a trail in Detroit, my pal– and he is my pal, since you might keep in mind, those of you that have actually been reporting from the White Home for a while, that Barack Obama stated to me when I was Vice President, “Go repair Detroit.” (Chuckles.) Not a joke. Spent– and the bad man, he invested a lot– where were you, Mike?

MAYOR DUGGAN: I’m still here.

THE PRESIDENT: I invested a great deal of time with this man– Mayor Mike Duggan– and Authorities Chief James White.

Are– they’re utilizing these ARP funds to improve cops training centers, to purchase retention of law enforcement officer, weapon violence avoidance efforts, gunshot detection innovation.

In Tulsa, Mayor G.T.– excuse me– Byrnum [Bynum] is utilizing the Rescue Strategy funds to assist hire policemans and training for– bonus offer.

Put your hand up when– so we understand who we’re speaking about here.

MAYOR BYNUM: Yes, sir.

THE PRESIDENT: There you are. Okay. I– in Kansas City, Mayor Q– called “Mayor Q”– Quinton Lucas and law enforcement officers Joe– Joe Mabin are here. They utilized the ARP funds to prevent cuts and layoffs that would have threatened public security in their city. And they put $12 million into their Violent Criminal Offenses Department and– while maximizing resources to start working with 150 brand-new policemans.

In Baton Rouge– Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Authorities Chief Murphy Pearl [sic]– Paul– excuse me– is utilizing ARP funds to acquire 200 extra police car while investing $3 million to execute a tested technique to decrease weapon violence in neighborhoods, to produce avoidance programs.

In Tampa, Mayor Jane Castor and Mayor– and the Authorities Chief, Mary O’Connor, they’re utilizing ARP funds to improve the city’s fire avoidance capability, consisting of with brand-new fire cars.

In Toledo, Ohio, Mayor Wade is utilizing the ARP funds not just to prevent layoffs, however to include 100 policemans in the next couple of years.

In Mercer County, Pennsylvania– a county I understand– mostly rural, where the biggest town is house of 16,000 individuals– the County Commissioner is here– Timothy McGonigle. Timmy was– well, I should not– I– excuse me– I was going to call you– excuse me for calling you Timmy.

COMMISIONER MCGONIGLE: No, they all call me that.

THE PRESIDENT: I have actually constantly called you– (laughter)–

We were speaking about I matured with Michael McGonigle– was one hell of a professional athlete. Anyhow.

And anyhow, however Tim is utilizing that $12 countless ARP funds to set up a county-wide radio system, linking 911, cops, fire, ambulance services for the very first time. It’s going to make a huge distinction in regards to the general public security writ big.

And in Houston, Mayor Sylvester Turner, who I have actually invested a long time with, and Troy Finner, the– who is the cops chief, they’re utilizing ARP funds to enhance medical health services– psychological health services, excuse me– domestic violence and reaction efforts. Since they have actually understood that when there’s a domestic violence issue, it’s not constantly required to send out a police officer with a weapon. You need to send out somebody who can talk individuals through things.

Therefore– and moneying a neighborhood re-entry program and cops overtime pay so an extra 125 officers can be present in locations where violent criminal offense takes place most regularly.

And throughout the nation, more than 300 neighborhoods are participated in the– efforts like these.

I have actually stated it prior to and I’ll state it once again. To every guv, every mayor, every county authorities, the requirement is clear, my message is clear: Send out– invest this cash now that you have. Utilize these funds we offered to you to focus on public security. Do it rapidly, prior to the summertime, when criminal offense rates normally rise. Doing something about it today is going to conserve lives tomorrow. So, utilize the cash. Employ the law enforcement officer. Develop your emergency situation reaction systems. Purchase tested options.

We have a– we have a specialist here with us who is among the very best– who’s finest at those options, Reggie Moore. Reggie is directing a brand-new extensive statewide violence avoidance program in the state of Wisconsin– a program that’s grounded in what’s called neighborhood violence intervention.

Neighborhood violence intervention has to do with utilizing evaluated messages, neighborhood leaders, neighborhood members to straight deal with individuals who are the most likely to devote weapon criminal activities or end up being victims of those weapon criminal activities. And it works. They step in prior to it’s far too late, with public health and security methods that work.

And your guv, Guv Evers, has actually invested $100 million in the Rescue Strategy to broaden these efforts throughout the state of Wisconsin.

So, thanks for whatever you’re doing, Reggie. I value it. And a growing number of states and neighborhoods are going to do the very same thing.

We require more of these programs. And we require states and neighborhoods to purchase things like tasks and training for youths, summertime programs, drug treatment and psychological health programs, real estate, criminal justice reform, reentry assistance for individuals getting back from– after imprisonment.

As I stated in the Cabinet Space, you understand, the concept that when you get blurt of jail after serving your time you get 25 dollars and a bus ticket, and you’re going to wind up under the very same bridge you originated from– from previously.

However you must be entitled, if you have actually served your time, to whatever from Pell Grants to food– to food stamps, the entire– the entire offer, to be able to make the most of altering your life. And my administration is purchasing those aspects.

The cities, the counties, and the states must be doing the very same thing with the cash they have since they are shown methods to decrease criminal offense.

The bottom line is this: Throughout the board, we’re ensuring that neighborhoods have the resources readily available to them that they have actually never ever had prior to so they do not need to make difficult options in between and amongst doing these things– decrease violence and make sure security.

And it depends on the cities, the towns, and the counties to invest the cash and invest it now. It exists. It’s been appropriated.

We understand the obstacles we’re dealing with as we head into this summertime. We require to satisfy those obstacles with a sense of seriousness, which this group is doing.

Regional leaders throughout the nation, consisting of the folks that are here today, are showing precisely what deal with ingenious efforts and tested techniques.

Every neighborhood in America must join them. And as you do, I desire every guv, mayor, and county authorities to understand: My administration will continue to have your back.

Let’s get this done and get it done now.

I wish to thank you all. God bless you all. And might God safeguard our soldiers. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Value it. (Applause.)

Q Do you support Finland signing up with NATO?

Q Do you condemn the Israeli police in Jerusalem?

Q Do you support Finland signing up with NATO, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: If you ask me something about what I simply discussed, I enjoy to address your concern. (Laughter.)

Q Do you believe you require to invest more cash in cops throughout the country? Would you promote more financial investment?

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah. We have plenty out there. The important things is that the guvs need to loosen it up, make it readily available. Mayors need to make it readily available. It exists. It’s not a concern.

You had a concern, sir.

Q My concern is: Do you condemn the police in Israel for their actions at the funeral service of the Palestinian-American reporter?

THE PRESIDENT: I do not understand all the information, however I understand it needs to be examined. I do not understand all the information.

Q Mr. President, would you go to support press reporters, sir?

Q If I can, I’ll ask you– I’ll ask you 2. Initially, about what we’re doing here, if you can, about– there are some issues about leniency of district attorneys today– what you have in regards to utilize to assist impose them, doing more to hold crooks liable.

And individually, your issues, if you have any, on bail reform.

And After That I have a different one, if I can simply enable it. A great deal of moms and dads are seeing about infant formula. Do you have a message to those moms and dads that you can share while they’re listening?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, 3 concerns. I’ll respond to the infant formula concern since, suddenly, it’s on the front page of every paper. Which is very important that it– I– be reacted to.

However, appearance, with regard to the leniency of district attorneys, that has, on balance, not been the greatest issue– the leniency of district attorneys. In the past, the hardest (inaudible) have actually been the strength of district attorneys, individuals getting long sentences for criminal activities that are– anyhow.

Therefore, and my– and bail reform– I believe bail reform and the unfavorable side of bail reform is significantly overrated. The concept that if you have no capability to make bail since you’re bad, it must connect to the seriousness of the criminal offense and what you– what the issue belongs that you’re implicated of.

With regard to the problem of formula, we have actually done 3 things. And– and I understand Jen Psaki spoke with this today.

Top, we’re launching assistance today to all the states of the possible versatilities in the WIC program– the Ladies, Baby, Kid program– since they’re really, sort of, rigorous standards that when you stroll in, if you have a WIC, you can go and acquire a particular quantity of formula, however you can’t acquire more of it.

The issue is the product packaging concerns are ending up being a problem. Therefore we have actually– altering it so that the WIC program– you can purchase what’s on the rack so that they’re not as– as– it’s the leading problem raised with me.

So the versatility to have formula in stock must not depend upon whether you have it packaged precisely what fulfills the requirement for that– that– for individuals on– on the WIC program.

Second Of All, the FDA simply released a declaration we dealt with. I was on the telephone. And, by the method, that– on the WIC program– when I spoke with Walmart and I spoke with the significant suppliers for an hour approximately the other day or the day previously– I can’t keep in mind– they wished to have this versatility since they didn’t wish to be breaching the law.

Second Of All, they– the leading problem for sellers raised with me– second of all, the FDA simply released a declaration about importation– importation of formula from abroad. The FDA has actually been taking a look at the– will be dealing with makers to help with the incorporation of solutions from abroad that, in truth– in locations like Europe, where we can get more item on U.S. racks. That’s underway.

I believe we’re going to be, in a matter of weeks or less, getting considerably more formula on racks. And the FDA is likewise going to guarantee we can import and still preserve the sa— the high security requirements.

And the 3rd thing that is– there’s more to state about each of these, however the 3rd significant thing we’re doing is that patien— lastly, any moms and dad who has a severe concern about where they– the specific formula they require– since there are really various solutions; some are really exact. And if they not– they do not get the specific ideal formula, the effect on the kid is incredibly unfavorable. We have actually established a– a system where you can get in touch with HHS. You can go to www.HHS.gov/formula. 

They simply released this site to assist moms and dads discover resources, get solutions, consisting of contact with business and food banks and health service providers that, in truth, might have access to the specific formula they require.

This is a procedure. We’re dealing with it really, really hard. There’s absolutely nothing more immediate we’re dealing with than that today. And I believe we’re going to be making some considerable development really quickly.

All the method in the back.

Q Mr. President, Republicans have actually stated that your administration must have expected this infant formula lack prior to. Are you pleased with your administration’s reaction up until now? And a few of the actions that you and your administration are taking now, consisting of loosening up these import requirements next week, should you have taken those actions earlier, prior to moms and dads got to these racks and could not discover formula?

THE PRESIDENT: If we ‘d been much better mind readers, I think we might have, however we moved as rapidly as the issue emerged to us. And we need to move with care along with speed, since we got to ensure what we’re getting is, in truth, top-notch item. That’s why the FDA needs to go through the procedure.

Q Thank you. Mr. President, I’m so sorry to take you to up until now. I’m going to ask you a concern about Africa, because, just recently, you send your Deputy Secretary of State to Africa. She check out 3 nations: Gabon, Angola, and South Africa.

So, in Angola, she spoke to President Lourenço. And when she provided her report to the media, she stated that she’s been seeing in Angola numerous development in regards to human rights, combating corruption, and likewise much better service environment for the Americans financier. Are you knowledgeable about what is going on in Angola, Mr. President?

THE PRESIDENT: I understand. Nevertheless, I’m waiting on her report. I have actually been on the phone with the President of South Africa at length on those very same concerns. And I have actually been on– on the phone and touched with other African leaders.

There is a requirement for a substantial boost in concentrating on human rights and not abusing human rights. However there’s likewise a requirement for us to– what we’re doing is attempting to determine how can we assist African nations accommodate the modifications they need to make in regards to the– their– to handle their ecological issues, along with handling facilities issues.

Therefore, I encouraged the G7 to concur that we would assemble a program where we would– the innovative financial countries of the world would offer the sort of resources, with no strings connected, to increase ecological capability along with handling other issues in African countries.

There’s a billion individuals. Therefore we’re working really difficult to attempt to acquire that.

( Cross-talk by press reporters.)

Q Yes, Mr. President–

THE PRESIDENT: I’m just going to keep them standing here another couple of minutes.

Q All right. No concerns, Mr. President. (Laughter.) I’ll make it fast. Mr. President, I simply wish to ask you–

THE PRESIDENT: They– they came for journalism conference. Right, people? (Laughter.)

Q Thank you, sir. I value your time. I simply wish to ask you: What even more executive action are you thinking about to do cops reform? We understand that’s basically stalled in Congress today.

And I likewise wish to ask you another concern, if I can, on foreign relations. You spoke to both of the leaders of Sweden and Finland today. What’s your message to President Putin after those– basically those hazards that he provided, a minimum of to Finland?

THE PRESIDENT: With regard to the 2nd concern: I’m not going to enter into the information of my personal discussions with the President of Sweden and Finland, other than that we had a great discussion, and they revealed their interest and desires connecting to security. And there will be more to report on that quickly.

With regard to– the very first concern was what once again?

Q What extra action are you thinking about on cops reform? And we understand your administration is dealing with (inaudible).

THE PRESIDENT: What I have actually done by executive order is done what I can, firmly insisting that– on cops reform– for federal officers, no chokeholds, no no-knock warrants, et cetera. That’s going to continue.

However among the important things I have actually chosen to do– the very best method to get the reform done as rapidly as possible is to go regional and to ensure we purchase the cops departments of regional and county and city cops departments. Since among the important things we discussed in the Cabinet Space is that I do not understand any police officer who likes a bad police officer. I suggest that best regards.

I matured in a community in Claymont where you ended up being a police officer, a firemen, or a priest. And I’m not joking. I had– the people I understand in the police, the last thing they desire is a bad police officer– a bully, a goon– being on the force.

So the concept that in some way there’s this frustrating desire to safeguard a bad police officer– it’s the management’s function to ensure they discover them, eliminate them, and if they break a criminal offense, prosecute them.

Thank you all so really, quite. Thank you.

3:47 P.M. EDT

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