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Particular products: govt chooses to change public procurement guidelines


May 13, 2022

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has actually apparently chosen to change public procurement guidelines, 2004 relating to area procurement of particular products to satisfy need supply space, well notified sources informed Organization Recorder

Draft Guideline 21-A of Public procurement Guidelines,2004 including “system for import of products to satisfy the demand-supply space of State Reserves” existed prior to PPRA Board in its conference hung on January 24,2022, in which after comprehensive considerations the Board chose that the stated proposed system making it possible for area procurement will be shown the stakeholders to make it wider for applicability in various sectors for procurement of these products and products through global tendering.

In compliance with the Board choice, the views/comments of stakeholders were sought for more enhancement of the proposed guideline.

The PPRA has actually proposed the following changes for import of products to satisfy the demand-supply space of state reserves: (i) regardless of anything consisted of in the guidelines, the acquiring firm will utilize the arrangements specified in this guideline for import of such products needed to satisfy the demand-supply space of those products urgently needed to be put in the market as a public excellent to prevent the scarcity of supply of these products; (ii) the reaction time for the procurement will be sensible according to the practices of that trade, nevertheless not less than 7 days; and (iii) the ad will be released in a minimum of 2 commonly flowed global papers or journals and appropriate electronic sites of global service market consisting of the sites of the Authority and Procuring Firm; (iv) the bidding files will plainly specify the requirements, quality, specifications and allied nationwide or global requirements of the products; (v) the bidding files will include the tentative dates for issuance of assessment report and finalizing of agreement; (vi) the credibility duration will not be less than 72 hours beyond the time of issuance; (vii) the assessment report will be interacted to all the bidders digitally right away after its issuance; and (viii) any complaint will be submitted within 24 hr of issuance of assessment report, and the very same will be fixed by the currently made up complaint redressal committee within next 24 hr.

Ministry of Defence Production argued that developing exception to the basic guideline through the proposed change is reflective of the reality that some spaces exist in the procurement preparation and forecasting of these products.

Import of 3MMTs of wheat: PPRA Board for excusing MNFS&R from guidelines

For That Reason, Ministry of Defence Production, has actually kept in mind Rule-8 of the general public Procurement Rules 2004 which specifies that “all procuring firms will create a system for preparation in information of all proposed procurements with the topic of reasonably identifying the requirements of the acquiring firm, with its readily available resources, shipment time or conclusion date and advantages that are most likely to accumulate to the acquiring firm in future”.

In addition to that appropriate guidelines likewise exist in Public Procurement Rules 2004 to deal with any emergency scenario sufficiently however it must be thought about as an exception. Bypassing in view, Ministry of Defence Production has actually not supported the proposed changes.

Financing Ministry, in its remarks has actually stated that a list of designated energy items, farming items, minerals and mining associated items and so on might be integrated in the proposed changes. Financing Ministry has actually proposed that reason for reaction time i.e. “not less than 7 days” might be appropriately recorded in the draft changes.

Ministry of National Food Security and Research study totally supported the proposed changes to be made in Guideline 219A0 and sub-para (1) to (8 ). Nevertheless, 2 primary posts might be consisted of in this system, in order to prevent hold-up in the import of procedure of necessary food products and to position the case to the ECC/ Cabinet for getting approval and conserving time.

These proposed posts are: (i) Rule-5- in which exemptions are offered on the global and inter-governmental dedications of the Federal Federal government or the procedure to be embraced for import under G2G plans; and (ii) Rule-40 constraint on settlement/ matching procedure, in which the acquiring firm without altering the expense and scope of work or service might work out with the effective bidder for increasing the quantum of import of a product.

Ministry of Industries and Production has actually supported the changes as they plan to decrease timeliness for the procurement of necessary products, nevertheless, the Ministry has actually recommended the viewpoint of Petroleum Department and Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) might likewise be gotten.

Petroleum Department has actually recommended some changes in proposed language like the area tender be revealed through acquiring Firm’s main site, PPRA’s site and social networks platforms. The acquiring firm might likewise alert by means of email to a swimming pool of reputable providers and trustworthy market intelligence firms. The tender notification will likewise be shown PPRA by the acquiring firm.

Petroleum Department has actually likewise proposed that quote credibility duration will be the authority of the acquiring firm thinking about the marketplace characteristics.

It keeps that any complaint will be submitted within 24 hr of issuance of assessment report. The currently made up complaint redressal committee will deal with the like quickly as possible however not behind one month. For avoidance of doubt, any complaint will not impact the procurement procedure.

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