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Croatia passes law paving method for euro currency intro


May 13, 2022

Published: May 13, 2022/ 06:52 AM MDT

Upgraded: May 13, 2022/ 06:52 AM MDT

ZAGREB, Croatia (AP)– Croatian legislators on Friday authorized a law that leads the way for the intro of the euro currency next year.

Croatia is because of change the Croatian kuna with the euro on Jan. 1, 2023. Legislators voted 117-13 in favor of legislation to generate the euro. One legislator stayed away in the 151-member parliament.

Croatia, which signed up with the European Union in 2013, stays amongst weaker economies of the bloc following the war in 1992-95.

Conservative celebrations in Croatian parliament were opposed to the intro of the euro, stating it would increase hardship and put pressure on the people.

Both currencies are set to remain in parallel usage in the months after the official start of the euro application.

Croatia’s economy depends on the tourist profits throughout the summertime. The nation draws numerous countless European and other international travelers each season.

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