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NFL Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis Reveals Conclusion of Service Degree


May 12, 2022
jerome bettis

Previous Steelers star Jerome Bettis formally finished from Notre Dame with his company degree 28 years after he left school for the NFL.

” The Bus” tweeted on Thursday that his degree is total as he belongs to the Class of 2022. He left Notre Dame in 1993 as a junior when he was prepared by the Rams with the No. 10 choice. He was just 4 courses shy from his company degree, so the 49-year-old gone back to school this term to complete it.

” A pledge made, a pledge kept,” Bettis composed. “28 years after leaving Notre Dame, I have actually finished my degree from the Mendoza School of Service. I hope my journey acts as [a] suggestion that education is the real equalizer in life and it is never ever far too late to begin.”

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