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india: Agri products are turbo charged. Can India ride the boom? – The Economic Times Video


May 12, 2022
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The effect of Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine resounded throughout the world with whatever from food to metal to oil skyrocketing to extraordinary levels. As the world tries to find steady food products, India remains in a special position to take advantage of the boom, however can it? What are the chances for India and the risks as the world, rebounding from a pandemic, comes to grips with lacks? View Kamal Jain, Partner, Danger Advisory Practice, KPMG in India; Siraj A Chaudhry, MD & & CEO, NCML; Moiz Chunawalla, Director- Sales, Allana Group; Pankaj Khandelwal, MD & & Chairman, INI Farms and Rajesh Ranjan, Creator & & CEO, Krishify go over the chances in this ETRise panel conversation.

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