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Do-gooder reunites The Buckeye Woman with missing out on vehicle, organization cart


May 12, 2022
the buckeye lady

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)– A regional small company owner whose vehicle was taken– with an important part of her organization within– is breathing a sigh of relief.

Alicia Hindman works out of the kitchen area at & & Juice Co in Clintonville where she develops packed buckeyes, the popular peanut butter reward covered in chocolate with an unique twist: tastes from carrot cake to red velour are instilled in the middle.

Hindman, owner of The Buckeye Woman, a small company substantiated of the pandemic, stated she was stressed her brick-and-mortar strategies would be postponed after her car and the polka-dotted cart she utilizes to offer her packed buckeyes went missing out on Sunday early morning.

” My cart is such a big piece of the business,” she stated. “We have the ability to take our packed buckeyes all around town to markets and business occasions and wedding events and such, so it was extremely destructive on Sunday,” she stated.

She put her story on social networks, and lots of neighborhood members shared her post. Now, she’s thanking one unique female for assisting her return to work.

” Late Tuesday night I get a telephone call from a lady stating, ‘Are you missing out on a cars and truck and maybe an organization cart?’ And I stated, ‘I am,’ and she stated, ‘Well it remains in my backyard,” Hindman stated.

Hindman stated the post isn’t what brought her vehicle and organization cart back to her– rather a do-gooder called Classie who discovered the car parked partially on her residential or commercial property.

” We were questioning how we’re going to continue tonight,” Hindman stated. “We have the biggest business occasion to date, and we required our cart to do the occasion, so we were truly stressed we ‘d need to cancel this occasion and cancel our markets this weekend.”

Hindman stated she understands she’s fortunate– she never ever anticipated to have her personal belongings returned.

” Classie, if you’re seeing this, my business is now back up and running since of you,” she stated. “You have such a huge heart.”

Business cart is solving back to work, as Hindman stated she requires it to keep 1,200 packed buckeyes cool at her huge occasion tonight. She is likewise grateful to the neighborhood for assisting, too, beyond sharing her social networks post.

Members of the neighborhood united to raise adequate cash for her to purchase a brand-new cold cart for her organization prior to the initial one was returned.

” It’s simply terrific that now I’ll have another cart that the neighborhood had a piece in, so I intend to have a little cart occasion to where all individuals that contributed can come, and I can treat them to some buckeyes.”

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