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Backdoor wealth tax is a bad concept– Mark Dunavan|Letters to the Editor


May 12, 2022

Though the United States currently has among the least regressive earnings tax systems in the industrialized world, the Biden administration’s financial 2023 spending plan re-proposes a concept that is, well, bad.

They propose a brand-new tax on Americans with $100 million or more in possessions whose reliable tax rate is less than 20% of their earnings. Here’s the technique, the trick: The 20% minimum tax rate would use both to common earnings and the boost in the worth of possessions in a given year. Simply put, this is a backdoor “wealth tax” on latent capital gains.

This is both unmatched and ridiculous. Besides immensely making complex the tax code and producing substantial financial investment distortions, this kind of tax might be ruled unconstitutional.

Progressives declare the brand-new tax would open capital by preventing the rich from holding stock gradually. If liberals wish to motivate capital to stream more regularly, they need to make the capital gains rate absolutely no.

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