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Over 20M pounds. of products lost in The Terrific Butter Fire of 1991 


May 11, 2022
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I confess that I didn’t keep in mind, however my pal Lois Seymour did, that it was the 30th anniversary of a monstrous fire that broke out on Might 3, 1991, at Madison’s Central Storage & & Storage Facility Co. It was later on announced to have actually been Madison’s greatest fire ever by fire department authorities.

The fire at the substantial food storage center on Home Grove Roadway and Highway 51/151 in east Madison was later on credited to a forklift battery breakdown. The resulting blaze at the stretching 500,00 square foot website took more than a week to snuff out since of burning insulation and some 20 million pounds of what we described as “federal government butter, cheese and meat”.

The terrific butter fire

Madison Fire Department Chief Steven Davis had actually been with Madison Fire Department for simply a couple years. He stated the food-related disaster he saw differed from anything he or anybody else in the department has actually seen given that.

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