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Long time Jefferson County constable to deal with 3 oppositions in main|Politics


May 11, 2022

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)– There will be lots of races chose throughout the state on main Election Day, which is next Tuesday, May 17.

In the race for Jefferson County Constable, there are 3 oppositions wanting to beat the incumbent, John Aubrey, in the Democratic primary.

Long Time Jefferson County Constable John Aubrey is dealing with 3 oppositions in the Democratic primary on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

Constable Aubrey was very first chosen in 1998 and is seeking his seventh term.

George Rodman is a previous Louisville City Policeman of the Year and wishes to alter the constable’s workplace in a manner that deals with police more in the field.

Stephen Yancey dealt with the Constable’s Workplace for more than 28 years prior to retiring. He wishes to see bridges developed in between police and the neighborhood, and alter the culture.

Martin McDonald is a previous deputy and retired judge who wishes to bring originalities and his special law background to the position.

WDRB News connected to all 4 prospects. We had the ability to satisfy Yancey and Rodman for in-person interviews. McDonald remains in Florida for an individual emergency situation, and spoke over the phone.

WDRB left messages at numerous various numbers for Constable Aubrey, including his workplace and project, however were not able to reach him till after 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday. We did talk to him quickly, then interviewed him Wednesday afternoon.

The prospects we talked to were asked numerous concerns each. Here’s a sample of our discussion.

Why are you looking for the workplace of Constable?

Rodman: “ The factor I am running for constable (is that) I have actually been raised in this city. I raised my kids in this city. And I have 5 grandkids that are, you understand, a part of this city. About a year and a half back, the deputies, the really deputies that work down at the constable’s workplace really approached me and asked me to think about running for constable. And I likewise had residents that reside in this city, and the huge one was business owners, stated, ‘George, we require you to get included with what’s going on in this city, particularly as public security.’ Which’s how I got included.”

Yancey: ” I’m running for Jefferson County Constable to alter the frame of mind and alter the culture. I worked there for 28 years. I retired. And among the factors I’m running likewise, is that when I retired, the Carrier Journal did a short article about KKK members working there. And when you remain in police, you can’t have a particular sensation about groups of individuals and there’s no space in police for hate groups. So for that reason, I’m going to alter that culture.”

McDonald: ” Some increase of some new members, some originalities. I wish to get the males and females of the Jefferson County Constable’s Workplace a living wage. And not that they’re that lacking, however no one discuss them, and I wish to get them up and assist keep them and keep them in service, and not enable them to leave for other companies. And I desire them to remain there and get the job done for our public. So it is among the important things I wish to do. I have an interest in it. I have actually had an interest in my own life. I’m still young and healthy and readily available to serve the general public and I wish to do that.”

What is your function as constable, if chosen:

Rodman: ” Work for the residents that vote me in. That’s the top function, all right. And after that my vision is to reorganize the constable’s workplace, put deputies on the streets to assist LMPD, who is 300 officers down. Clear. We understand the circumstance when it concerns public security, the concerns that we’re having in Louisville. And I likewise wish to begin a domestic violence system and a human trafficking system. However the best benefit that I have actually compared to the other prospects is I am present. I have actually been serving in the 21st century. I still have contacts with regional, state, and federal. And I’m really thrilled to state this, I was backed by every significant FOP in Louisville. Due to the fact that they understand we’re all gon na need to interact to attempt to find out what’s going on in our city as far as criminal offense goes.”

Yancey: ” A great deal of individuals do not even understand what the constable’s do. If I’m chosen constable, they’ll understand what we do. We serve documents, we serve EPO’s, we serve warrants, we look after the court house. We do expulsions. We do executions. We pull individuals over. We can compose citations, however that’s not the focus of our task. We likewise have automobile evaluation, and obviously, the constable gathers the taxes. Which no one likes that, however that belongs to the task. However no, I wish to alter it. I’ll put the ideal individuals in location. My administration will appear like Louisville.”

McDonald: ” Well that might take weeks for me to describe that to you. The constable’s workplace is a service company that is a fee-based workplace that produces cash through services to spend for its operation. And I wish to keep it, you understand, and the Jefferson County Constable’s Workplace is the biggest in Kentucky. And I wish to keep it in the leading edge and keep it in service for individuals at the advantage of the taxpayers. It’s a remarkable company and I’m happy to understand the males and females who work there.”

Based upon your individual and expert experience, why are you the very best prospect for the task:

Rodman: ” Personally, I suggest, it’s clear I lost a child in the line of responsibility. I still have a child that’s serving with LMPD. As far as my expert experience, I began with Corrections. I went to LPD, then Louisville City. I have actually been a domestic violence investigator, I have actually been a department investigator who examines in violent criminal activities. I have actually been a training officer. Really happy to state this, I was 2016 Officer of the Year with LMPD. And I still presently serve. I serve with a little department so I understand what’s going presently out in our city.”

Yancey: “I worked for the constable’s workplace for 28 years. I have actually handled individuals in the neighborhood and likewise the officers. So I simply believe that I am the person that can make this modification. I’m still young adequate to do that. I believe I have a great deal of regard in the neighborhood. And individuals will listen to me”

McDonald: ” There’s no other prospect in there that’s got a law degree. Or has actually been a district court judge, or a senior circuit court judge. None of these others, other than for one, who has actually even been a deputy constable. They have actually never ever done the work of the deputy constable at the constable’s workplace, other than for one. Therefore I understand that market inside and out, upside and down.”

WDRB News spoke with Aubrey on Wednesday as he gets ready for the last days of the project. He stated he’s leaning on his more than 50 years of experience in police as his case for staying as constable.

He stated under his management, the department has actually preserved Police Accreditation, which his deputies take part in 7 federal job force operations and drug interdiction systems.

” It’s my life. It’s my life. I feel no more complete satisfaction than can be found in here with individuals in this workplace, the neighborhood, the residents that are out there,” Aubrey stated. “You will understand if that’s what you actually need to know since it remains in your heart. It’s not something you can produce. You will understand.”

He firmly insists that regardless of his age, the workplace depends on training requirements, and is taking a look at making upgrades to services, such as serving emergency situation protective orders.

” We have actually progressed to the point where the courts, as soon as the judge indications it, can send it to us digitally to the cart that is accountable for serving those things. So we continue to look how to enhance what we do and how we do it, and how to make it more effective.”

Early ballot is underway for the Kentucky Main Election. Election Day is May 17.

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