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Including worth to farm products can alleviate supply chain stress|


May 11, 2022
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COLUMBIA, Mo.– For 2 years, consumers have actually seen how supply chain issues can stun the food system. At first set off by the pandemic, these issues have actually continued due to labor scarcities, transport traffic jams and now global dispute.

On-again, off-again item schedule paired with customer interest in regional foods has actually led more farms to think about including worth to the products they produce.

The meat market supplies an example, Mallory Rahe, University of Missouri Extension farming service and policy professional, stated in a press release. When the pandemic resulted in bare retail meat counters, manufacturers reacted to customer need by offering entire animals, halves or quarters. Others have actually offered meat straight to customers through farmers markets or online markets.

Farms thinking about beginning a value-added business must initially perform their due diligence, Rahe stated. The MU Extension publication “Including Worth in Farming, Food and Forestry” lists concerns that farms ought to respond to through research study:

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1. What issue will you fix? Consider how your item can fix an issue or fill a requirement. Recognize organizations that would be your rivals and discover methods to distinguish how your item addresses the requirement.

2. What consumers will you serve? Discover all you can about your target consumers, including their inspirations and choices. To gather this details, check out social networks or perform casual interviews.

3. What resources do you require? Note the raw products you ‘d require to make the value-added item. If you do not raise all of the required products on your farm, determine possible providers. Likewise, represent center and devices requirements. File just how much all of these financial investments would cost.

4. How will you structure business? The value-added business must be different from the farm business and eventually sustain itself individually. Assess how the value-added service might need various abilities from those utilized to run the farm. You might require to contact advisors or work with others to support you.

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