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Healthy Consultant: Finding Recovery in Crossfit With Jess Bost


May 11, 2022
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Jess Bost discovered CrossFit throughout a distressing time in her life. About her exercises, she states, “I went to the darkest location I could, and I combated my devils because location.”

CrossFit, which means cross-discipline physical fitness, became her bridge to recovery.

In this episode, Diana Britton is signed up with by Jess Bost, the vice president of brand name collaborations at Alpha Designer and part-time CrossFit coach. Here, she opens about how her experience with extreme exercises and a helpful neighborhood provided her the outlet she required throughout a time of extensive sorrow. She likewise shares how workout and neighborhood have actually formed how she sees the function of monetary consultants.

Jess goes over:

  • How she used the principles she gained from psychology and dealing with kids with autism to CrossFit and likewise monetary services
  • .

  • How she entered into CrossFit and how it keeps her healthy from a physical/spiritual/emotional perspective
  • .

  • How CrossFit assisted her recover from injury
  • .

  • Why and how she’s ended up being a supporter for physical fitness in the monetary services market
  • .

  • Where she sees the crossway of physical fitness and financing
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Image thanks to Jess Bost

Jess Bost was a CrossFit coach and individual fitness instructor prior to ending up being a monetary consultant 4 years earlier.

Image thanks to Jess BostJess Bost

If you have a battle and dream to share your experiences and assist others in comparable scenarios, please connect to Diana at [email protected]

The Healthy Consultant podcast is offered on Apple Podcasts, Android, Stitcher, Spotify and any place podcasts are discovered.

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