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The QQQ ETF May Be Heading To Its 2020 Pre-Pandemic Highs (NASDAQ: QQQ)


May 10, 2022
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The QQQ ETF ( NASDAQ: QQQ) continues to drop and is now at a psychology level of $300, however the huge technical assistance level does not come up until $297. After that, the drop can speed up, causing levels not seen because October 2020.

It seems like a long method to go, however it’s just another 6% from here, and there is most likely, a lot more, to go than that with time. The drop is because of a reset in assessments and a deleveraging procedure. The correction in the QQQ began in November and had to do with a reset in assessments. We’re gradually transiting into a deleveraging procedure as the Fed seeks to tighten up monetary conditions AND drain liquidity.

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As yields have actually increased, and most significantly as genuine yields have actually climbed up, we have actually seen assessments in the Nasdaq 100 drop. The PE ratio of the Nasdaq 100 peaked at 34.75 back in September of 2020 however handled to support and trade in between 27 to 30 times its present year incomes price quotes for the majority of 2021, however that all altered in January 2022 when the PE ratio lastly broke lower, and now discovers itself trading around 22. However it deserves keeping in mind that traditionally, the Nasdaq 100 PE ratio normally trades at around 21 usually over the previous ten years. However if you look more carefully, one can see the combination area in between 20 to 21. It’s where the PE ratio of the Nasdaq appears to be heading and might lead to a drop of an extra 10%.



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What’s driving this reset in assessments is the increasing genuine yield. The most convenient method to see this relationship in between increasing genuine yields and the PE contraction in the Nasdaq is by layering the POINTER ETF on the chart. When the pointer ETF falls, it shows that genuine yields are increasing. The falling pointer ETF and the PE ratio of the Nasdaq show the strong relationship.

TIP us equty


The relationship is likewise evident when taking a look at the QQQ ETF and the pointer ETF. Based upon this connection in between the pointer ETF and the Nasdaq 100 PE ratio, whenever the pointer ETF makes a brand-new low, the QQQ is extremely most likely to follow with a brand-new low of its own. It assisted to make it fairly apparent that the QQQ would print a brand-new low ahead of the Fed conference recently.

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And now, there’s another wrinkle being infiltrated this downdraft – liquidity is disappearing, making this trading environment a lot more difficult to browse. The CME liquidity tool reveals us that the top of the book for the Nasdaq 100 futures has actually weakened, and the quote and the ask spread have actually expanded out.

CME liquidity tool


The other issue is that the Fed’s Reserve Balances of Depository Organizations are decreasing. Based upon the Fed’s statement to lower its holdings, the reserve balances will fall a lot more. As reserve balances fall, this works to drain pipes more liquidity out of the marketplace with time. The current decrease in reserve balances involves cash vacating reserve balances and into the NY Fed’s over night reverse repo center and the elimination of money from the United States Treasury’s basic account.

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It’s developing a total deleveraging procedure that’s now underway. The Chicago Fed’s National Financial Issue Index determines Broker-Dealer Balances in Margin Accounts. Modifications in the sub-index correlate well to modifications in the reserve balances and the QQQ.



It leaves the impression that decline and deleveraging are now two-fold occasions going on. Because the deleveraging procedure began last, it promises that the Nasdaq 100 will likely get oversold from an essential viewpoint. That would send out the PE ratio listed below the 20 to 21 variety and possibly to 17, as displayed in the chart at the top. A drop to 17 from its present 22 would be a decrease of about 22%, putting the QQQ ETF around $237 with time, going back to pre-pandemic highs. It’s not to state this will remain in a straight line and might take months to play out or never ever play out, ought to the Fed pivot or inflation unexpectedly sluggish.


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In General, this is a difficult time to be a financier since it seems like there’s no place to conceal, and generally at this moment, there’s no place to conceal. However there will be a bottom. It’s simply determining where that bottom is and preparing yourself for that procedure.

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