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Product wrap-up for the week that was


May 10, 2022
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Products ended the recently on a blended note. China’s newest COVID-19 break out even more startled financiers, who were currently fretted about quicker United States rate of interest walkings perhaps denting financial development. In addition, the continuous financial depression in China and the lengthening Russia-Ukraine tussle have actually likewise impacted product markets.

In the energy domain, rates of both petroleum standards, WTI and Brent, acquired more than 5.55% recently. WTI petroleum futures hovered near US$ 109.77/ bbl on Friday while Brent petroleum futures traded near US$ 109.77/ bbl. Gas rates have actually likewise acquired 8.5% in the recently due to greater need and increasing issues associated with future products.

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Image source: © 2022 Kalkine Media ®

In addition to this, uranium rates have actually acquired in the recently almost 1.8%. The rates have actually rebounded from seven-week lows of US$ 53/lb in the recently of April in the middle of greater unpredictability in the energy market as EU countries talked about the level of limitations on the Russian energy supply.

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Amongst rare-earth elements, gold has actually logged a limited gain in its rates in the recently. The bullion leapt 0.24% while silver dropped substantially to reach the levels last seen in January as upcoming rate of interest walkings from the Federal Reserve triggered a rally in the United States dollar.

Costs of base metals, consisting of copper, aluminium, and iron ore have actually fallen in the recently due to lower need from China as the nation logged increasing COVID-19 cases. Moreover, rates of battery metal lithium stayed steady throughout the duration while nickel has actually toppled substantially in the recently.

Australian Energy Index at multi-year resistance level

On assembling at the Australian energy market, the S&P/ ASX 200 Energy Index (XEJ) acquired partially 0.53% today to trade at 10,170.20. Taking a look at the multi-year chart, it appears like the Energy index stands at its multi-year resistance level.

S&P/ASX 200 Energy Index (XEJ) chart

S&P/ ASX 200 Energy Index (XEJ) chart|Source: Refinitiv Eikon

In addition, the index has actually made substantial corrections each time it reached the demarcated resistance level.

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S&P/ASX 200 Energy Index (XEJ) candlestick chart

S&P/ ASX 200 Energy Index (XEJ) candlestick chart|Source: Refinitiv Eikon

On casting a glimpse at the short-term YTD chart, it appears like the index is trading at an inflection point with a red candlestick. Market individuals would be carefully tracking the cost action which is thought about crucial by numerous technical experts.

Versus this background, let’s skim through a couple of products that were popular amongst traders in the previous week.

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Information Source: Eikon Refinitiv

Here are a couple of substantial products that have actually tape-recorded significant volatility in the recently.


Gas has actually rallied to brand-new 14-year highs of US$ 8.98/ MMBtu in the recently. The rates have actually been increasing given that April end as financiers stayed worried about supply. At the very same time, export centers have actually been performing at ramped-up levels to provide LNG to Europe.


Crude oil barrels

Source: © Batareykin|Megapixl.com

Costs of both petroleum standards acquired substantially on worries that the Russian supply would continue to be interrupted by the dispute in Ukraine. Petroleum futures have actually increased in the recently, the upcoming EU embargo on Russian oil surpassed issues about worldwide financial development.

Here’s how products carried out in the recently click on this link

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