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Leading Carrying Out Leveraged/Inverse ETFs: 05/08/2022


May 10, 2022
Top Performing LeveragedInverse ETFs 11142021 1

These were recently’s leading carrying out leveraged and inverted ETFs. Keep in mind that since of utilize, these sort of funds can move rapidly. Constantly do your research.

1. NRGU — MicroSectors U.S. Big Oil Index 3X Leveraged ETN

NRGU which tracks 3 times the efficiency of an index of United States Oil & & Gas business topped recently’s list returning over 43%. Oil costs got, driven by increasing need for fuel in the wake of the EU nearing Russian restriction and OPEC’s resistance to increasing the output quota.

2. OILU — MicroSectors Oil & & Gas Exp. & Prod. 3x Leveraged ETN

The OILU ETF, which supplies 3x everyday leveraged direct exposure to an index of United States companies associated with oil and gas expedition and production ranked 2nd on the top-performing leveraged ETFs list returning ~ 33% recently.

3. ERX — Direxion Daily Energy Bull 2X Shares

Direxion Daily Energy Bull 2X Shares was another energy ETF present on the list.

4. DIG — ProShares Ultra Oil & & Gas

DIG, ProShares Ultra Oil & & Gas ETF that uses 2x daily long utilize to the Dow Jones U.S. Oil & & Gas Index, was among the top-performing ETFs on increasing oil and gas costs.

5. BOIL — ProShares Ultra Bloomberg Gas

BOIL, the gas ETF was among the top-performing levered ETFs getting ~ 19% in the recently. Gas costs are getting as Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine continues to interfere with the worldwide energy markets.

6. YANG — Direxion Daily FTSE China Bear 3X Shares

YANG, which uses 3x everyday brief utilize to the FTSE China 50 Index, was among the top-performing levered/ inverted ETFs returning more than ~ 17% recently as China enters into a downturn driven by lower export development and COVID -19 lockdowns.

7. GUSH — Direxion Daily S&P Oil & & Gas Exp. & Prod. Bull 2X Shares

GUSH, was another oil & & gas expedition and production ETF that made it to the list on growing supply issues.

8. TMV — Direxion Daily 20+ Year Treasury Bear 3x Shares

TMV which uses 3x brief leveraged direct exposure to the NYSE twenty years Plus Treasury Bond Index, made it to the list today as Treasury yields continue to increase on Fed’s hawkish position.

9. TTT — ProShares UltraPro Short 20+ Year Treasury

ProShares UltraPro Short 20+ Year Treasury made it to the list of top-performing inverted ETFs as Treasury yield continued to increase. The yield on the 20-year Treasury bond increased to 3.39% from 3.25%, a week previously.

10. CLDS — Direxion Daily Cloud Computing Bear 2X Shares

Direxion Daily Cloud Computing Bear 2X Shares which tracks the efficiency of the Indxx U.S.A. Cloud Computing Index inversely included on the top-performing levered ETFs list as the innovation sector fell by ~ 6% in the last 5 days. The sector decreased in the middle of a broad sell-off as financiers grew worried about Fed’s capability to suppress inflation with rates of interest walkings.

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