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How to Operate at the Crypto-Technology Business MoonPay


May 10, 2022

  • MoonPay, a start-up that assists users transform fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies, is employing.
  • The business’s head of skill stated he’s employing for engineering and style functions, to name a few.
  • The crypto market is proliferating and anticipated to be worth $8.7 billion by 2030.

Web3, a decentralized variation of the web constructed on blockchain innovation, is a market anticipated to be worth $8.7 billion by 2030, according to the research study company Prediction Market Insights

As the marketplace grows, so does the variety of business wanting to participate the action. However just some companies achieve success in enticing the very best skill far from standard Huge Tech business.

Among these business is MoonPay, a financial-technology start-up that permits users to transform fiat currencies, government-issued currencies like the United States dollar, into cryptocurrencies. In 2015, it raised $ 555 million in a Series A and, throughout the business’s two-year presence, it has actually grown from a five-person group to a 200-person group, Rich Cobbold, the business’s head of skill, stated.

Cobbold, a previous Google staff member, is among MoonPay’s current hires and strategies to keep the bar high for employing as the business “strongly broadens,” he stated. MoonPay is employing for cryptocurrency functions– which experienced 395% general development throughout the United States in between 2020 and 2021, according to LinkedIn– along with those in financing, legal, and marketing, he stated. MoonPay is likewise concentrating on employing for item, engineering, and style functions.

” I actually securely think that Google is where they are since they have among the world’s finest interview procedures,” Cobbold stated. “If we can include a few of that rigor to ensure we keep the bar extremely high, I believe that will go a long method as we scale out.”

Cobbold shown Expert what kind of employee would stand out at MoonPay and who he’s wanting to work with.

MoonPay is searching for high-achieving prospects

Rich Cobbold is the head of talent at MoonPay.

Rich Cobbold is the head of skill at MoonPay.


MoonPay has 5 core worths that affect how workers work and how Cobbold and his group assess prospects: Be simple, lead with compassion, own it, interact plainly, and kaizen, which is a Japanese term for continuous enhancement that Cobbold feels is a necessary quality in a busy market like crypto. Together, the worths form the acronym BLOCK.

” All these things are actually, actually crucial to us, however ‘kaizen’ is actually the one that I concentrate on more than anything else,” Cobbold stated. “A year in crypto resembles ten years anywhere else.”

The typical prospect will go through 4 rounds of interviews with numerous members of the business. If the prospect is requesting a technical function, they will likewise take a GitHub test that determines software-engineering abilities.

Lastly, every prospect who moves on will have a MoonWalk interview, where a chosen member of the group who gets additional training will ask concerns particularly about the BLOCK worths and theoretical situations, Cobbold stated.

” The very best who come through the procedure reveal us that they are comfy with uncertainty,” he stated, “reveal us that they can be really in the house in a location where the guidelines aren’t yet specified and are inviting to the chances that brings, instead of anxious.”

Integrating Big Tech experience with start-up savvy

While MoonPay has actually handled to draw in skill with Huge Tech experience, having a leviathan on your résumé is not a requirement for work, Cobbold stated. In truth, MoonPay likes having a mix of skill: those who have start-up experience and comprehend the fast-moving landscape of business, along with individuals who have bigger-business experience and can bring those requirements to the business.

” If you blend those 2, and get that varied mix of individuals from numerous backgrounds, ideally you wind up with a truly practical method to your organization where you type of match both sides,” Cobbold stated.

For nontechnical functions, Cobbold does not anticipate prospects to be nonfungible-token or crypto specialists. Rather, he’s searching for individuals who want to discover and who have a self-starter mindset.

” I actually search for someone who’s exceeded and beyond,” he stated. “Someone who has actually linked to me straight.” He included that this might consist of a follow-up e-mail.

For instance, Cobbold had one prospect who prepared a discussion for their interview. While MoonPay didn’t need this, it revealed the prospect’s work principles and interest in the function, he stated. Another method prospects can reveal an enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency area is by utilizing online knowing platforms to advance their education or structure individual jobs, he stated.

The very best Web3 skill isn’t constantly on LinkedIn, which is why Cobbold and his group are relying on.


servers and designer conferences to discover whom they desire. And skill hired through these techniques can anticipate to sign up with an ingenious business, Cobbold stated.

” We’re all, to some level, constructing the airplane as we’re flying it,” he stated. “And it’s an amazing world since of that.”

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