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Guv Walz: Minnesota’s economy stays strong


May 10, 2022

” This news informs us that Minnesota’s economy is strong and continuing to grow,” stated Guv Walz. “However as worldwide supply chain disturbances and inflation continue to challenge the working households and small companies that comprise the structure of our economy, now is not the time to cut taxes for the rich at the cost of financial investments in education, childcare, and public security. Now is the time to provide direct assistance in the kind of $1,000 checks to households, while making long-lasting financial investments to decrease expenses and enhance Minnesotans’ lives for generations to come.”

Net basic fund profits amounted to $4.667 billion in April, $1.115 billion– or 31.4 percent– more than projection. Net invoices from specific, sales, and business taxes for the month surpassed the projection, while net other tax profits were lower than anticipated. Year-to-date invoices are now 7.6 percent more than projection.

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