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May 10, 2022
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The other day’s EUR/USD target at 1.0627 traded to 1.0592. Lows attained 1.0494. We understood this Sunday as the low point was reported at 1.0495.

EUR/USD overall variety traded the other day 98 pips. EUR/USD attained 1.0592 at the 12:00 hour, understood traditionally and notoriously in Canada as Midday day.

Long entry was anywhere as the only concern was just how much cash was inteded to make the other day. Longs from 1.0494 revenue was 98 pips. Entry at 1.0582 revenue was 10 pips.

Today’s EUR/USD target 1.0610 and 1.0615. Drops are covered for earnings also. It does not matter where EUR/USD trades as earnings are covered constantly.

The revenue and target train never ever stopped here in 10 + years. Included by demand to 24 hr trades was GBP/CHF, AUD/CHF, SPX500 and WTI. For SPX and WTI was likewise included weekly trades.

USD/JPY traded to 129.79 and listed below USD/CAD. The other day’s USD/CAD target from 1.2986 traded to 1.3035. The other day composed 1.3044. Quick 50 pips for not doing anything. Existing USD/JPY 130.37 Vs USD/CAD 1.3013 are both in the FX fight for supremacy. USD/JPY has the edge presently as it includes the greater currency exchange rate. The edge? Right at 20 ish pips.

Today’s USD/JPY and USD/CAD share a securely bound relationship. USD/JPY 129.71 matches USD/CAD 1.3069. USD/JPY 130.69 matches USD/CAD 1.3069.

How about USD/JPY yield spreads and 4 hour charts. Its the roadway to purgatory.

Due to the firmly bound relationships to currency costs, all currencies are wed. For instance, Por Ejemplo in espanol, GBP/JPY 160.26 = EUR/JPY 137.06. EUR/JPY 138.44 = GBP/JPY 161.88.

EUR/USD 1.0592 = NZD/USD 0.6352. GBP/USD 1.2386 = AUD/USD 0.6986. AUD/USD 0.7004 = NZD/USD 0.6368.

EUR/USD and NZD/USD share a leading and bottom position. AUD/USD and GBP/USD are related by positions as middle currency sets.

The other day GBP/USD traded 146 pips Vs AUD/USD 125, AUD/CHF 116. USD/JPY traded 124 pips to USD/CAD 113.

AUD/USD traded to lows at 0.6906 and targets 0.6881 and 0.6853 are close. EUR/USD target at 1.0800’s from 1.1500′ s traded an additional 300 pips lower. GBP/USD traded 300 pips lower than its targets. AUD/USD was accountable as AUD/USD was yet to compkete its targets.

When AUD/USD finishes its location then 0.7300’s will ultimately trade.

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