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May 8, 2022
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Very first row, from left: Bart Gibson and Dale Horn; Second row, Frank Cannon and Kyle Harris; Third row, Phillip Toohey and Sean Hagerty; 4th row, Brian Doak and Jason Lowy; Fifth row, Jonathan Murray and Michele Lippincott; Sixth row, Russell Weber.

UBS Wealth Management U.S.A. revealed that 11 monetary consultants in the company’s Baltimore and Hunt Valley workplaces, have actually been called to the Forbes/SHOOK Research study Best-in-State-Wealth Advisers list for 2022.

The UBS consultants called to the list from the Baltimore workplace consist of Bart Gibson, Dale Horn, Frank Cannon, Kyle Harris, Phillip Toohey and Sean Hagerty. Advisers called from the Hunt Valley workplace consist of Brian Doak, Jason Lowy, Jonathan Murray, Michele Lippincott and Russell Weber.

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