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Rizzo’s Greenhouse & & Flower Store commemorates 90 years in organization|News, Sports, Jobs


May 7, 2022
rizzo greenhouse

The Rizzo household, from left, Joey, Cathy, Grace and Paul, posture together.

AVIS– Rizzo’s Greenhouse & & Flower Store commemorates 90 years with 4 generations and growing.

Found at 2803 Woodward Opportunity in Lock Sanctuary Sanctuary, the greenhouse and flower store has actually been run through 4 generations of the Rizzo household.

Business is presently run by Paul and Cathy Rizzo.

The story of the locally-famous greenhouse and flower store starts as the Rizzo household emigrated to the United States from Calabria, Italy, in 1903. Paul’s grandparents, Guiseppe (Joseph) Rizzo and Grazia (Grace) Marasco, were the very first of the Rizzos to step foot on American soil. They were then wed at some point in between 1905 and 1906, according to Paul, and lived in North Bend, Pa. They had 9 kids together, Michael, Anthony (Tony), Paul (Paully), Mary, Rose, Joseph Jr., Frances, John (Paul’s dad) and Dorothy.

Guiseppe operated in the paper mill in Lock Sanctuary and Grazia was a ” homebody” as lots of ladies were throughout that time, stated Paul. Ultimately in 1932, the 2 chose to construct a little greenhouse where they grew veggies and mushrooms.

John Rizzo (left) and Paul Rizzo (best) base on opposite sides of their dad, John Rizzo, smoking a stogie at the household’s greenhouse.

” My grandpa, granny and uncle (Tony) began to grow mushrooms and veggies. That continued for several years and they increased products and ultimately to the point they grew vacation products at Easter and Mom’s Day,” Paul stated.

Nevertheless, Paul’s grandparents were not able to grow throughout the winter season as there was no chance to heat up the greenhouses. It was difficult to grow for vacations such as Christmas.

” Among the primary factors they did that mix– mushrooms and veggies– they might generate manure and as manure is degrading, it develops heat. It would keep the greenhouse warm for the veggies above it and the mushrooms would grow in the manure. They were extremely smart, innovative individuals– they did what they needed to do to endure,” Paul stated.

That was throughout The Great Anxiety and after that into The Second World War. After serving in the war, John went to Delaware Valley College of Farming in 1945 where he found out more about floriculture and landscaping. His sibling, Tony, would die in 1949 with Paul’s grandpa following numerous months later on. Paul’s uncle, Paully, his dad and mom continued the household organization with the other brother or sisters assisting as much as possible.

Along the lines, John and Paul’s uncle Paully entered into organization together in the early 1950s, beginning with landscaping. A part of the greenhouse was then moved below Clinton Street in Lock Sanctuary after John married Paul’s mom.


A bigleaf hydrangea blossoms at Rizzo’s Greenhouse

In 1952, John wed Anne Jannerella, of North Bend. Together, they constructed a cottage in Charleton, Pa., along what is now Woodward Opportunity. Part of the greenhouse was then moved next to that home where it is run today. Paul’s mom continued to run the other part of the old Clinton Street greenhouse for another year after that. She died in 1972.

” They had a little home here next door and after that they had the greenhouse. Every number of years as they had a bit of cash, they ‘d include on another area,” stated Cathy Rizzo.

John and Anne had 3 boys, John, Paul and Michael. Business broadened as they matured and began work for the Rizzo household organization.

Paul’s sibling, (Young) John, went to Penn State for Biology and Botany. In 1972 as the siblings ended up being more active in business, they constructed a present store which Anne ran, and a flower store beside the greenhouse. The 3 worked along with their daddy, finding out the trade very first hand.

John likewise worked for Piper Airplane as his day task up till retiring in the 1980s.


ARIANNA MCKEE/THE EXPRESS An argyranthemum blossoms at Rizzo’s Greenhouse

” When he wasn’t at Piper, he was landscaping or doing whatever he might here to keep this organization going,” Cathy stated.

Numerous years after 1972, the primary greenhouse display room and garden store was constructed on. The entire household pitched in for business. The 3 siblings enrolled at Hixon School of Floral Style and some courses at Ohio State University– the 3 ending up being flower designers there later. Today, Paul’s siblings, though moved far from Rizzo’s full-time with their own households, do assist in the greenhouse throughout the vacations.

Today, Rizzo’s Flower Store covers about a 20,000 square feet of within growing and about 20,000 square feet of outdoors location where the Rizzos do screens and grow. There have to do with 12 overall greenhouses.

” The initial greenhouse was just about a 1,000 square feet. So, we have actually increased a lot. Naturally, they simply had a little yard to do their organization,” Paul stated.

Having actually dealt with his moms and dads for many years, Paul ultimately employed his now better half, Cathy, in 1994. They ultimately wed in 1998, Paul stated. The 2 took control of Rizzo’s Flower Store and had a household of their own.

greenhouse old

The front of Rizzo’s Flower Store and Greenhouses taken in the late 1970s.

” Business has actually altered a lot and we have actually gotten brand-new items. We have actually done various things– cut flowers, landscaping and upkeep, service churches, run the greenhouse throughout the year, doing wedding events and funeral services– we have actually ended up being diverse for many years,” Paul and Cathy stated.

Paul and Cathy are are now raising the next generation of the Rizzos in business with their kids, Joey and Grace. Joey presently works full-time along with his moms and dads.

” We like what we do … When it’s a task that you like, how simple it can be to do it when you like it,” they stated.

Rizzo’s Greenhouse & & Flower Store is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. It serves Clinton, Lycoming and Centre counties.

For additional information on Rizzo’s Greenhouse & & Flower Store, visit their Facebook or call them at (570) 753-3603.

rizzo gift shop

Rizzo’s Greenhouse and Flower Store consists of a connected present store that includes wind chimes, seeing worlds, and candle lights, amongst more.

rizzo cactus

Rizzo’s consists of a large choice of cacti and succulents, such as this great old male cactus.


A sneaking phlox blossoms in the middle of the flowers out front of the greenhouse.


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