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# 1 Investing Method for 2022 


May 7, 2022
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Some individuals were beginning to think that worth investing was dead.

Yes, that sounds severe. Nevertheless, for the bulk of the last a number of years the course to stock exchange success was paved with purchasing development business no matter just how much momentum … no matter how high their nose bleed PE.

I am describing every hot pattern from Crypto to Electric Automobiles to Marijuana to 3D Printers to Metaverse to (fill in the blank).

This development just financial investment plan appears to negate the virtue of traditional worth concepts originated by Benjamin Graham (and his most popular student Warren Buffett) as these “in favor” financial investments have gravity defying multiples.

Those who left worth investing indicate 3 deadly defects:

  • Worth Traps (where stocks head lower and lower)
  • Classic Worth Metrics Do Not Work Any Longer
  • Absence of Timeliness Weakens ROI

So, what’s the option?

Please offer me simply a couple of minutes of your time so I can spell it out for you. Particularly as worth investing is making a strong returned in 2022.

This consists of sharing information on our desirable Leading 10 Worth Stocks technique that has actually scored a typical +37.67% gain because 1999. That is a complete 372% much better than the S&P 500 over that stretch.

Let me very first inform you more about this computer system created design. Then we will talk about how it fixes all 3 of the deadly defects of worth investing.

That journey begins with a quick conversation of our quant ranking system; the POWR Scores.

If you have actually invested at any time on StockNews.com you have actually definitely seen details on our unique POWR Scores system. Certainly, these scores actually do assist financiers acquire a chosen benefit over the marketplace, as can plainly be seen in the efficiency chart below.

Where Does the Outperformance Originate from?

The POWR Scores design is the most total evaluation of a stock readily available to specific financiers today. All in all, we take a look at 118 various aspects of a stock prior to appointing an A to F ranking.

Which 118 aspects?

The basic response is just the ones that cause more successful stock choice. Really this resembles a DNA check of each stock coming down to the molecular level to value the stocks constructed to exceed.

When that analysis of the total POWR Score is done, we then break down those 118 aspects into 6 extra grades to value the virtue of a stock on the following measurements:

  • Worth
  • Development
  • Momentum
  • Stability
  • Quality
  • Belief

For those fast on the draw, you most likely simply found out that if you integrate a strong total POWR Score with a healthy Worth rating, that you are well on our method to selecting the very best worth stocks.

Happily that procedure will get you entering the ideal instructions.

Unfortunately you will still wind up with a list of over 700 stocks to research study.

That is not so bad if selecting stocks is your full-time task. Nevertheless, for the majority of you that is far too time consuming.

This resulted in an ” Aha!” minute.

What if we could establish a method to uncover the 10 leading worth stocks at any time producing constant outperformance?

So, we returned to the exact same Information Researcher who developed the POWR Scores and asked the relatively difficult– could he show up the volume on the worth metrics and in some way surpass their currently market beating returns?

After months of research study and extensive screening the Leading 10 Worth Stocks technique was born.

Top 10 Value Stocks Performance 2022.jpg

Not just did we narrow to simply 10 worth stocks. However we likewise considerably increased efficiency to +37.67% annually because 1999.

The trademark of this screen is a zealous concentrate on the 31 specific worth aspects that assist to regularly find the marketplace’s finest worth stocks (and simply as significantly, neglecting the 100’s of aspects that in fact do not operate at all!).

Integrating those 31 special worth aspects together in optimum style causes revealing this exceptionally constant winning technique.

The Keyword is “Consistency”

That’s since the POWR Scores likewise concentrates on the consistency of development. Not simply incomes development, however likewise enhancements in income, revenue margins and capital.

Then our ranking design goes even more into the Quality of a stock by drilling down on the primary metrics that reveal the health of operations gradually.

The actions kept in mind above fix the # 1 deadly defect of worth investing. That being how to prevent the worth traps that are actually simply badly run business that go from bad to even worse. The concentrate on Development and Quality elements are the very best possible medical examination to relieve these issues.

Indicating that we look beyond the extremely simple worth measurements utilized in the past, permitting us to provide to you the healthiest growing business, that so take place to be trading at appealing discount rate costs.

Successive we require to take on the 2 nd deadly defect. Which is that many traditional worth metrics do not work like they utilized to.

Consider this.

Computer system driven trading now controls the financial investment landscape. No longer is it skilled financial investment supervisors deciding. Rather the huge bulk of trades are run by these quant designs.

This has actually held true for more than ten years. And genuinely billions of dollars have actually been tossed at these quant designs to eject every last drop of revenue concealed in shares.

So long ago these designs took advantage of the advantage of the common worth techniques like PE, Book Worth, PEG, Rate to Sales and so on

Now after years of high volume trading of these designs it might be stated that the worth well has actually run dry.

More specifically, the very best worth metrics have really little advantage by themselves. So the secret to success is to stack as much of these metrics in your favor as possible. Like the 31 worth metrics inside the POWR Scores design.

That’s 31 benefits operating in your favor to create outperformance. Every one increasing the chances of success. Which’s how the Leading 10 Worth Stocks technique has the ability to produce a +37.67% yearly return.

Lastly we attend to the 3 rd deadly defect which is that worth stocks are typically not prompt which harms your ROI.

Worth is thought about a contrarian investing design. That’s since you are banking on business that are presently out of favor hoping that the share cost reverses.

Sadly the longer it takes … the more it hurts your Roi.

Happily the POWR Scores concentrates on 25 various aspects that considerably increase the timeliness and ROI of the stocks.

13 Belief Aspects

12 Momentum Aspects

Belief aspects track what the wise cash is finishing with the stock such as institutional ownership, Wall Street expert quotes and expert purchasing. These are reliable methods of discovering prompt, in-favor stocks.

Successive is narrowing in on 12 various Momentum aspects that targets stocks all set to increase. Certainly Momentum is similar to physics where “ a body in movement … remain in movement”.

All in all the POWR Scores uses 118 aspects to discover the very best stocks. The mix of which genuinely assists conquer the 3 deadly defects of worth investing.

Then we call up worth credits to develop the Leading 10 Worth Stocks technique that increases efficiency to an excellent +37.67% a year.

This is how you fix the 3 deadly defects of worth investing.

And this is the constant course to discovering the very best worth stocks in the future …

One last enhancement

For as terrific as the Leading 10 Worth Stocks technique genuinely is, there is still one glaring defect that exists in all quantitative systems. Which is comprehending the critical WHY behind which stocks to purchase, and when to offer to take full advantage of gains.

That is why I go one action even more, utilizing my 40 years of investing experience to dive deeper into each stock, pulling the drape back on the critical qualitative metrics that no computer system scores system can reveal.

The result is the best worth stocks, that I hand choose for customers to our popular POWR Worth Newsletter

This is genuinely a finest of both world’s option:

+37.67% yearly return from Leading 10 Worth technique


Steve Reitmeister with 40+ years of investing experience with an eager eye for revealing surprise worth stocks


POWR Worth newsletter to assist you find the very best worth stocks for today’s market.

Yes, even in the unstable markets of the last couple of months, where the portfolio has actually provided a strong +8.70% return because December 1 st, 2021, while the S&P 500 is down a gut-wrenching -8.57% throughout the exact same duration.

Now you can experience the marketplace beating returns of the POWR Worth newsletter, for simply $1 for a complete thirty days.

Throughout your trial you’ll get complete access to the existing portfolio of 13 stocks & & 1 ETF, weekly market commentary and every trade alert by text & & e-mail.

There’s no responsibility beyond the 1 month trial, so there is definitely no threat in beginning today.

About POWR Worth & & 1 month >Trial > >

Wanting you a world of financial investment success!


Steve Reitmeister … however everybody calls me Reity (noticable “Righty”)
CEO, StockNews.com
Editor of Reitmeister Overall Return & & POWR Worth

SPY shares fell $0.44 (-0.11%) in after-hours trading Friday. Year-to-date, SPY has actually decreased -13.13%, versus a % increase in the benchmark S&P 500 index throughout the exact same duration.

About the Author: Steve Reitmeister

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Steve is much better understood to the StockNews audience as “Reity”. Not just is he the CEO of the company, however he likewise shares his 40 years of financial investment experience in the Reitmeister Overall Return portfolio Discover more about Reity’s background, in addition to links to his latest posts and stock choices. More …

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