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South Africa Fleet Management Market Report 2022: Most Current Details on Vendors, Products, and Markets – ResearchAndMarkets.com


May 6, 2022

DUBLIN–( SERVICE WIRE)– The ” Fleet Management in South Africa – fifth Edition” report has actually been contributed to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offering.

Get up to date with the most recent details about suppliers, items, and markets.

How will the marketplace for fleet management systems for business cars in South Africa develop in 2022 and beyond? The publisher projections that the variety of fleet management systems in active usage in South Africa will grow at a CAGR of 12.6% from 2.0 million systems at the end of 2021 to 3.6 million by 2026.

The penetration rate in the overall population of fleet cars utilized by services is at the very same time is approximated to increase from 41.5% in 2021 to 68% in 2026. South Africa is a reasonably fully grown telematics market and the penetration rate is comparably high from a worldwide point of view.

Far from all implementations are nevertheless full-blown innovative FM services. A significant share of the set up fleet telematics systems on the South African market is represented by comparably low-end tracking systems, e.g. light FM services, consisting of SVR systems extended with fundamental FM functions.

The South African fleet management market is plainly controlled by 5 domestic gamers with broad telematics portfolios that together represent 70% of the overall variety of fleet management systems in usage in the nation. The expert ranks Cartrack and MiX Telematics as the biggest companies of fleet management services in South Africa.

Cartrack alone has over half a million active FM systems in the nation. The staying top-5 gamers are Tracker, Netstarand Ctrack. Other top-10 gamers in the South African fleet management market consist of regional companies such as Bidtrack (Bidvest Group), Digicell and GPS Tracking Solutions (Eqstra Fleet Management), in addition to worldwide gamers consisting of Webfleet Solutions (Bridgestone) and Gurtam. Autotrak, Digital Matter, PFK Electronic Devices, Secret Telematics/Radius Payment Solutions and Guideline SA (PowerFleet) are extra top-15 companies, all having actually approximated set up bases of a minimum of 15,000 fleet management systems in the nation.

Gamers simply beyond the leading list consist of Mtrack (Electronic Tracking Systems), Geotab, and Globaltrack. International business automobile OEMs consisting of Scania, Daimler, Volvo Trucks, UD Trucks, GUY, and Toyota have actually even more all presented fleet telematics services in South Africa.

Emphasizes from the report

  • Insights from various interviews with market-leading business.
  • Information on automobile populations and business fleets in South Africa and other African nations.
  • Comprehensive summary of the fleet management worth chain and crucial applications.
  • Thorough analysis of market patterns and crucial advancements.
  • Upgraded profiles of 27 aftermarket fleet management option companies.
  • Summary of OEM proposals from business automobile brand names.
  • Market projections last up until 2026.
  • Outlook on the African fleet management market beyond South Africa.

Secret Topics Covered:

1. Fleet Management Solutions

1.1 Fleet Management Facilities.

1.1.1 Car Sector.

1.1.2 GNSS Sector.

1.1.3 Network Sector.

1.1.4 Backoffice Sector.

1.2 Car Management.

1.2.1 Car Diagnostics and Upkeep Preparation.

1.2.2 Security Tracking.

1.2.3 Tire Pressure Tracking Systems.

1.3 Motorist Management.

1.3.1 Driving Data Registration and Analysis.

1.3.2 Video-Based Motorist Tracking.

1.3.3 Eco-Driving Plans.

1.3.4 Insurance Coverage Threat Management.

1.4 Operations Management.

1.4.1 Routing and Navigation.

1.4.2 Transportation Management.

1.4.3 Mobile Labor Force Management.

1.5 Regulative Compliance And Reporting.

1.5.1 Motorist Working Hours, Logbooks, and Tachographs.

1.5.2 Electronic Toll Collection – E-Toll And E-Tags.

1.5.3 Sars Travel Logbooks.

1.5.4 Traffic Fine Management And Demerit Points – Aarto.

1.5.5 Roadway Transportation Management System (RTMS).

1.5.6 Sidetracked Driving.

1.5.7 Unique Transportations.

1.6 Service Designs.

2 Market Projections And Patterns

2.1 Market Analysis.

2.1.1 The South African Car Market.

2.1.2 Fleet Management Market Projection.

2.1.3 Fleet Management Supplier Market Shares.

2.1.4 Regional Market Qualities In South Africa.

2.2 Market Motorists And Barriers.

2.2.1 Macroeconomic Environment.

2.2.2 Regulatory Environment.

2.2.3 Competitive Environment.

2.2.4 Innovation Environment.

2.3 Worth Chain Analysis.

2.3.1 Telematics Market Players.

2.3.2 Automotive Market Players.

2.3.3 Telecom Market Players.

2.3.4 IT Market Gamers.

2.4 Future Market Trends.

2.5 African Fleet Management Market Outlook.

2.5.1 Leading South African Telematics Gamers Active In The Rest Of Africa.

2.5.2 Other African Fleet Management Providers And Distributors.

2.5.3 International Players Active On The African Fleet Management Market.

2.5.4 OEM Fleet Telematics Offerings In Africa.

2.5.5 The African Car Market.

2.5.6 Analysis Of The Fleet Management Market In The Rest Of Africa.

2.5.7 The Size Of The African Fleet Management Market.

3. Business Profiles

3.1 International Aftermarket Service Companies.

3.1.1 Cartrack (Karooooo).

3.1.2 Geotab.

3.1.3 Gurtam.

3.1.4 MiX Telematics.

3.1.5 PowerFleet.

3.1.6 Webfleet Solutions (Bridgestone).

3.2 Regional aftermarket option companies.

3.2.1 ACM Track.

3.2.2 Afritelematics.

3.2.3 Autotrak.

3.2.4 Bidtrack (Bidvest Group).

3.2.5 Ctrack.

3.2.6 Digicell.

3.2.7 Digital Matter.

3.2.8 FleetCam.

3.2.9 Fleetkor.

3.2.10 Globaltrack.

3.2.11 Gosafe Tracking Solutions SA.

3.2.12 GPS Tracking Solutions (Eqstra Fleet Management).

3.2.13 iCAM Video Telematics.

3.2.14 Secret Telematics and Radius Payment Solutions.

3.2.15 Mtrack (Electronic Tracking Systems).

3.2.16 Netstar.

3.2.17 PFK Electronic devices.

3.2.18 Guideline SA (PowerFleet).

3.2.19 Genuine Telematics.

3.2.20 SmartSurv Wireless.

3.2.21 Tracker Link.

For more details about this report check out https://www.researchandmarkets.com/r/n42gt

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