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Letters to the editor: May 6: ‘Pierre Poilievre is making a populist declaration that the federal government prepares to manage society.’ Politics and digital currencies, plus other letters to the editor


May 6, 2022

Federal Conservative management prospect Pierre Poilievre holds a project rally in Toronto, on April 30. Chris Young/The Canadian Press

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Re Canada Isn’t Dealing With The Exact Same Danger As The U.S. (May 5): In the 1970s and 1980s, Henry Morgentaler carried out many unlawful abortions and was jailed and attempted more than as soon as. Juries understood he broke the law however acquitted him anyhow. The law needed to be altered.

The very best policy for the Conservatives is to verify declarations that, while some members might oppose abortion on ethical premises, the celebration will take no action to enact a law restricting them, as any such law would be unenforceable.

T.S. Ramsay Guelph, Ont.

Lie detector

Re When Lying Becomes Normalized In Politics, Democracy Suffers (May 4): Really real and widespread in the United States today, however not yet a lot in Canada. Why should we care?

We choose political leaders based upon a series of truths and guarantees in their projects. As residents, we pay their wage and retirement advantages.

If they lie, they are video gaming the system. There must be a simple and uncomplicated system to eliminate phonies. In the economic sector, workers are frequently fired for resting on their résumés. Should political leaders be exempt? No.

Remembers might be the response. To work, they would require to be workable. Waiting up until political leaders run for re-election must not be the response to redressing political wrongs.

Gary Raich Westmount, Que.

What remains in your wallet?

Re Poilievre Has A Point On Digital Currency (Might 3): A reserve bank digital currency would be an option to money and live together with existing payments such as debit and credit. It would be constructed with personal privacy safeguards, equivalent to or more powerful than those we have with banks.

Pierre Poilievre is making a populist declaration that the federal government prepares to manage society. However he appears to miss out on the point that a CBDC would assist those who are less lucky and do not make complete usage of retail bank services, while having very little effect on the rest of society who do not want to utilize it.

Norman Shaw Partner teacher, Ted Rogers School of Retail Management, Toronto Metropolitan University

I think cryptocurrencies exist to generate income from greed in the digital world, and it is nonsense to argue that bitcoin’s function is to displace currencies on any significant level.

I have yet to purchase a pizza with bitcoin. Libertarians and civil-rights supporters regardless of, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies appear to exist to permit unconfined speculation, with a side hustle of cash laundering.

Ron Beram Gabriola, B.C.

” Having all our monetary information straight in the hands of the federal government is a frightening idea.” Is the ramification that banks are in some way more reliable than the federal government?

In a capitalist democracy such as Canada, the federal government represents our cumulative interest, while banks represent just their investors’ monetary interests.

Brian Lowry Fredericton

Await it

Re Every Canadian Need To Have A Primary-care Medical House (Might 3): My primary-care center functions on a capitation system. It is paid a yearly charge for each client. Visits are never ever hurried. Generous trip schedules and time for medical education is integrated in.

Nevertheless, the wait time to see my physician is presently more than 6 weeks. If I have an immediate issue, I just can not be seen in a prompt way and a journey to emergency situation is the outcome.

Household medication must be viewed as attracting medical graduates. Medical schools must take duty for making sure that household medication is viewed as a “go-to” specialized that is economically fulfilling and intellectually promoting.

Without modification, the Canadian healthcare system might look more like that in the United States, with cheapened primary-care service providers and growing focus on specialized care with all its expenses and gain access to problems. Providing family physician more cash stays only part of the service.

Iain Mackie MD; department of basic internal medication, University of British Columbia; Vancouver

Relating to “overruning ERs” and “corridor medication”: Crowded emergency situation waiting spaces, ambulances not able to off-load clients and our susceptible senior warehoused for days in corridors are direct items of inadequate healthcare facility bed capability and house care.

By all ways, let’s repair medical care. However let’s not think that can fix the issue of postponed access to emergency situation look after most of Canadians.

Alan Drummond MD; co-chair, public affairs, Canadian Association of Emergency Situation Physicians; Ottawa

Nurse specialists are underutilized beyond healthcare facilities. They have the training, compassion and comprehending to help the general public looking for responses or instructions for a healthcare concern.

Operating in hospital-affiliated outdoors centers or together with family physician in broadened workplaces, a nurse specialist might acknowledge an issue, supply preliminary care and direct a client to a proper test or other health specialist.

Throughout my surgical profession, nurse specialists contributed significantly to my client care on the ward, in centers and in associated health centers.

Bernard Goldman CM; emeritus teacher of surgical treatment (heart), University of Toronto

I worked for a variety of years as a signed up nurse with a household health group in Ontario.

This was an outstanding example of co-ordinated care: doctor protection 7 days a week enhanced with nurses and nurse specialists, physical therapists, podiatric doctors, psychiatrists, persistent illness professionals and geriatric professionals for our aging population– extensive care in one area.

This worked well for the 40,000 or two clients on that lineup. Why can’t we extend this to the rest of our population?

Policies and systems that work must be studied for efficiency, then executed– and rapidly, prior to the collapsing of our system intensifies.

Angie Mackie Registered Nurse, North Vancouver

Ethical investing

Re Pensions Hang On To European Companies That Carry Russian Gas (Report on Organization, April 30): I am an Ontario Municipal Personnel Retirement System member who is dissatisfied to become aware of the pipeline financial investment related to Russian gas. I am troubled by the idea of my retirement cost savings moneying Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine, with nonrenewable fuel sources that intensify the environment crisis.

Europe is quickly buying renewables to lower reliance on nonrenewable fuel sources and add to a sustainable future. It looks like renewables would be a much better financial investment location for OMERS in the instant amount of time.

Paul Burns Toronto

No Leafs no

Re Leafs-Lightning Video Game Delivers Realistic News (Sports, Might 5): A more concise heading may have been: “The Leafs are back!”

Michael Vollmer Burlington, Ont.

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