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ChildFund contributes food products, other products to IDPs in Foni


May 6, 2022
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The engagement marked the 3rd time the NGO has actually provided humanitarian support to them given that their displacement due the restored dispute in between the Motion of Democratic Forces of Cassamance (MFDC) and the Senegal armed force in the Cassamance location, after the Senegal military introduced an offending couple of months back.

The products were turned over to ChildFund’s associated regional partner Foni Ding Ding Federation and West Coast workplace of the National Catastrophe Management Authority for onward specific circulation to Internally Displaced Individuals in Foni.

The products consisted of 300 bags of rice (50kg), 300 hundred gallons of cooking oil (10ltrs) and 300 plans of soap bars allocated to IDPs presently looking for haven in their host households in Bondali, Sangajor, Bwiam and Sibanor towns.

Speaking at the handing-over event, Samba Keita, chairperson of Foni Ding Ding Federation stated: “This conference is a conference of peace. Nevertheless, all of us understand some issues happened around here, which caused the displacement of some individuals. That is why ChildFund included something to make sure that they assist those individuals.”

” As the chairperson truly pointed out, typically we do not wish to see these examples occurring however when they take place, as a kid well-being organisation, we need to come and support for the kids and their households, due to the fact that typically when catastrophe take place, it is the females and kids who suffer,” stated Iddi Bah, Foni Ding Ding Federation supervisor.

” For the very first time Foni Ding Ding Federation paid out money transfer of approximately 103,000 connecting to 23 households. In the 2nd engagement, we paid out rice, oil and soap to 160 households, and today we are here to present another comparable gesture by ChildFund, The Gambia in partnership with Foni Ding Ding Federation,” he included.

ChildFund Nation Director, Madam Musu Kuta Koma-Bah, stated her organisation introduced an evaluation after the displacement of individuals due to the Cassamance clashes, and it was observed that a great deal of kids were displaced together with their moms and dads.

She included that it was then that ChildFund chose to release a follow-up evaluation to determine the circumstance and the requirements of the displaced kids.

” The very first respond method was for ChildFund to come up with a master action strategy to support the system. Naturally based upon the suggestions of the NDMA or the federal government action report. When it comes to the master action strategy, we actually understand we require to match the effort of federal government in supplying food and non-food products,” she included.

Sutteh Colley, who represented the Seyfo, thanked ChildFund for the gesture, including that it is a gesture worth imitating. Mariama Gibba, a recipient on behalf of recipients echoed comparable remarks.

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