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Black Land Theft and the Racial Wealth Divide


May 6, 2022
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Today in the U.S., 43.4 percent of Black Americans are property owners, compared to 72.1 percent of white individuals, 51.1 percent of the Latinx population, and 53 percent of AAPI/Indigenous/Other Homeownership is the greatest factor to wealth and wealth transfer in between generations. History reveals us that Black homeownership has actually been suppressed at every turn. While redlining might be a more popular part of the story, the misleading practices I have actually checked out here were simply as efficient, from the Torrens Act to beneficiaries’ home and partition sales.

Black land theft is not a subject greatly gone over, however like redlining, it enables individuals to see that African Americans falling “behind” economically is not due to the fact that they do not attempt, however due to the fact that whenever they had an opportunity to get ahead laws, guidelines, guidelines, and those with power utilized the system to flex the guidelines to draw from them. When it pertains to Black land theft, it wasn’t simply federal government organizations, it was white individuals who had the cash and understood the laws they might utilize to trick African American landowners.

The guidelines and laws in location enabled white individuals to utilize federal government guidelines and organizations to not just take land however enhance themselves when they obtained it. And due to the fact that this enormous theft was achieved through countless little deals over years, it was simple for the rest people to look the other method.

Black land theft today isn’t as widespread and outright, and brand-new wealth extraction plans have actually acquired prominence. However what the story of Black land theft in the 20th century informs us is that if nobody is asking concerns about what countless little monetary deals amount to in a country that was established on slavery, then we are placing ourselves– by style or not– to miss out on the next wealth extraction plans for years also. In a nation where the normal white household still has 8 times the wealth of the normal Black household, and the racial wealth divide is worsening, we can’t pay for not to ask these concerns.

Black land theft took place from the 20th century to the 21st century, and it had significant influence on the lives of African American landowners and their descendants.

” When they take your land, they take your future,” discusses Stephanie Hagans, whose household lost 35 acres in Matthews, North Carolina in 1942.

We do not understand what life would resemble if all that land had not been taken, however African Americans’ monetary futures may have looked really various.

Tykeisa Nesbitt has actually interned on the Isoureconomyfair.org job led by Ericka Taylor, popular education supervisor with the Handle Wall Street project. For more information about the covert history of Black wealth extraction in the United States, check out the website

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