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With brand-new leader, the future for progressive politics looks more tough – for feminists in Hong Kong, it was currently bleak


May 5, 2022
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Activists and scholars likewise state the relocation will just even more prevent civil liberties and human rights, consisting of one that has actually currently come under fire: the city’s embattled gender motion.

” If John Lee embraces the Mainland China design of handling civil society, this might cause an additional assault of Hong Kong’s when lively civil society,” states Diana Fu, Partner Teacher of government at the University of Toronto. “In the mainland design, civil society groups that promote for liberal rights– consisting of gender equality– are viewed as avenues of Western impact.”

” Gender awareness needs to be promoted from the bottom up,” stated Petula Ho, a regional feminist scholar. “However it resembles the entire of society has actually quit on this problem.”

The previous numerous years have actually not benefited feminism and gender rights in Hong Kong. The pro-democracy demonstrations that rocked the city likewise saw ladies protestors apparently trolled online and triggered #ProtestToo, an unusual #MeToo- design sub-movement where thousands collected following claims of sexual attack by the authorities. One problem, submitted by a teen who implicated officers of gang rape throughout the demonstrations, was visited the Department of Justice due to “contrary proof.”
While applauded for the active participation of ladies protesters, the pro-democracy motion itself has actually likewise been slammed for sexism. Female federal government authorities, policemans and critics of the motion dealt with sexualized insults and dangers; frontline ladies protesters were idealized as martyrs, which some feminists have actually condemned as it provides ladies as just being of worth in their sacrifice.

“[The pro-democracy movement] has this populist component which has actually made it more patriarchal and harder for variety and gender concerns to exist,” stated Ho, who has actually investigated these characteristics and informed CNN she’s dealt with attacks on social networks for her reviews.

Beijing’s crackdown on Hong Kong has actually made it harder to promote for any causes, not to mention gender-related ones.

Given that the application of the nationwide security law in 2020, over 50 civil society groups, from trade and instructors unions to trainee companies, have actually dissolved And more than 180 individuals (consisting of activists and pro-democracy figures who have actually promoted for gender concerns) have actually been detained considering that the law was enacted in June 2020, according to a tracker run by ChinaFile publication.
Pro-democracy protesters being arrested by police during a clash at a demonstration in Wan Chai district on October 6, 2019 in Hong Kong. (Photo by Amthony Kwan/Getty Images)
Following an overhaul of the city’s electoral system to guarantee commitment to the Chinese state, pro-Beijing legislators and councilors now control the city’s legislature. After the reforms, more than 200 district councilors have either resigned or been disqualified and numerous have actually been detained on nationwide security premises, dislodging practically all opposition.

Those ousted consist of Tiffany Yuen, a previous district councilor with a background of promoting ladies’s rights and Raymond Chan, Hong Kong’s very first legislator who openly determined as gay, in addition to 3 other gay and lesbian district councilors.

Kenneth Cheung, among those councilors, democratically chosen into workplace by citizens in 2019 prior to he was disqualified by authorities, stated the expulsion of pro-democracy political leaders will even more lower opportunities for gender advocacy in the federal government.

Cheung stated numerous scientists and workplace personnel dealing with gender-related efforts with pro-democracy legislators are now out of work, and there is now less progressive representation on these concerns in public online forums. The closing of progressive media outlets such as Stand News has actually currently compromised protection on these subjects, he included.

” When I look ahead at the next 5 to 10 years, I feel depressed,” Cheung stated, discussing that democracy and progressive causes are inherently

connected. “Prior to, democratic political leaders would raise concerns about marginalized neighborhoods or welcome concerns. In the coming age, we most likely will not see this any longer.”

Political modifications have actually likewise hindered the gender advocacy of Lily Wong, a sex activist and previous member of the now-disbanded pro-democracy group Demosisto. In 2020, Wong co-founded a YouTube channel checking out sex-related subjects called “Faan Hou ABC,” with Yuen and another pro-democracy activist Ho Ka-yau.

The channel at first removed due to its pro-democracy positions, however had the ability to record a larger audience by connecting concerns about sex and gender to democracy and liberal worths.

” Compared to the 2014 Umbrella Motion, more ladies were accepted on the frontlines in 2019, which was a huge modification,” Wong informed CNN, including that while she too, like Ho, condemned the sexist habits by some protesters, the motion did favorably affect individuals’s mindsets towards ladies in other methods. “Although concerns like gender were secondary, I believe these secondary concerns still advanced.”

When Yuen was charged with apparently breaking nationwide security in 2015, nevertheless, the ladies closed down the channel. “In the coming years, I believe individuals will be more mindful when it pertains to engaging with political causes,” Wong stated.

CNN put to the federal government the concerns of diminishing civil society area, Carrie Lam’s record on gender efforts and the claims of sexual assualt by the authorities.

” The accusation is no even more from the fact,” a federal government representative informed CNN, including that the rights of Hong Kong locals are “safeguarded in accordance with the law” however that “numerous flexibilities and rights are not outright, and can be limited for factors consisting of defense of nationwide security and public security.”

In action to claims of authorities misbehavior, the representative stated police act based upon “proof,” are accountable for keeping public security, and will “work out expert judgment to take proper actions, consisting of utilizing the minimum force as required.”

No remark was made about the out-going leader, Lam.

Hong Kong, still awaiting its feminist uprising

The future for progressive politics might look bleak now. However when it pertains to feminism and gender equality, Hong Kong has actually long been a tough environment.

Unlike in other parts of the world, the #MeToo motion stopped working to get traditional approval here. Hong Kong has actually carried out well on some gender equality metrics. The 2021 report from the Women’s Commission— established to promote the advancement of ladies in Hong Kong– reveals that over the previous years ladies surpassed males in college programs moneyed by the University Grants Committee, which their involvement in some fields and expert functions had actually likewise grown.

Nevertheless, numerous feminists state greater representation has actually not equated into real equality and society stays deeply patriarchal.

Take sexual violence which Hong Kong’s Women’s Structure referred to as a “prevalent, deeply worrying issue”. A 2021 study by the Hong Kong Women’s Union on Equal Opportunities discovered that almost 40% of participants (37.5%) state they experienced sexual violence in their life time– up from 15% when the study was last carried out in 2013 Worry of being blamed and not thought were apparently 2 of the primary factors victims do not look for aid.
The Women’s Structure, pointing out federal government figures, likewise released an infographic in 2019 that consisted of information such as “just 55% of ladies remain in the labor force” and “Hong Kong has a gender pay space of 22%”
In pop culture, sexist tropes, such as the stereotype of the “ Kong lady“– a female from Hong Kong who is materialistic and spoiled– likewise continue to multiply.
Even when the city had a female president, Carrie Lam, couple of saw her period as a win for ladies’s rights. Not just did Lam ignore the problem of gender in her public addresses throughout her time in workplace, she has actually likewise been implicated of utilizing the reality that she is a mom to deflect criticism of her actions.

” She utilized her image to validate particular actions and present herself as a great mom, as if by virtue of being a mom that [a positive] ramification exists,” Ho informed CNN. “However then naturally individuals truly do not believe she’s motherly at all, she is someone who we believe protests principles of care.”

Some may state that Hong Kong in current times has actually seen more development on LGBTQ+ concerns than on ladies’s rights, however China’s solidifying position on LGBTQ+ advocacy on the mainland has actually likewise begun to drip down into Hong Kong politics, stimulating issues over a brand-new rise in conservatism.
In the added to the Gay Games— a worldwide sporting, arts and culture occasion arranged for the LGBTQ+ neighborhood– some pro-Beijing legislators have condemned the occasion which is because of occur in November 2023, calling it a “risk to nationwide security” and a guise through which to promote political causes.
While the LGBTQ+ neighborhood has actually seen some legal success in the last few years, the city has no legal securities versus discrimination on the basis of sexual preference and gender identity, and same-sex marital relationship has yet to be legislated. “I’m truly worried. The scenario is becoming worse,” states Alvin Cheung, a gay activist and social employee.

In spite of the more repressive political environment, there are still little groups and people developing safe areas to speak about gender and sexuality, especially online, according to Grace Ting, assistant teacher of gender research studies at the University of Hong Kong.

Ming Chan, a transgender activist in her 20s, is among them. In 2020, she assisted co-found Quarks, a trans and non-binary youth support system that now has some 2,700 fans on social networks.

Chan states some neighborhoods like hers are prospering, due to the fact that after the pro-democracy motion, more individuals are understanding that they can affect society in various methods.

” I’m fortunate to have such an area,” Chan informed CNN. “I think a few of the energies produced from the political motion have actually been moved to the gender equality and feminist motion, due to the fact that it’s a field where you can still do something.”

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