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Service of the Week: Down to Earth Greenhouse


May 5, 2022
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Wausau Pilot & & Evaluation

Editor’s note: Service of the Week is a sponsored function that shares the stories of locally-owned and ran organizations in the Wausau location, highlighting the services and products they use and the methods they add to the city location’s distinct taste. Find out how to include your organization by emailing christina@wausaupilotandreview.com

Today’s highlighted Wausau organization is Down to Earth Greenhouse, in your area owned and run for more than 15 years. This one-stop garden store provides an extensive selection of plants to improve your area– from wonderful, small fairy gardens to a scrumptious choice of veggies and herbs, to a vast array of trees that can include both shade and color to any backyard. Handling member Micki Luebbe, who runs business with her other half Cris, stated each plant range is thoroughly selected to make sure gardens will prosper in Wisconsin’s cooler environment. Whether you’re a gardening specialist or beginner, Micki and Cris can offer you suggestions to guarantee your plants look stunning all season long with annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs. One greenhouse is totally committed to fruit, herb and veggie plants, and you’ll likewise discover a diverse choice of garden art, concrete statues, water fountains and more. Because its creation, Down to Earth has actually grown considerably, and they’re not ended up yet– with amazing prepare for the future as they continue to broaden and serve their consumers. Now that the weather condition has actually lastly enhanced and summertime is on the horizon, make sure to prepare your check out to Down to Earth, 6104 N. 52nd Ave. in Wausau quickly for the very best possible choice– and selected your favorites from countless hanging baskets, annuals and far more. We ensure you will not be dissatisfied!

When did you acquire Down to Earth Greenhouse and what influenced you to do that?

Cris and I bought Down to Earth 6 years back, so we are beginning our seventh season with business. As we were buddies with the previous owner, we had the ability to enjoy the nursery grow from a concept to a flourishing organization in main Wisconsin. We were enjoyed have the chance to continue offering this service to our neighborhood who like stunning plants and flowers as much as we do. The greenhouse is a delighted location, and we like to see our consumers return every spring and hear what they are preparing to grow each season!

Inform us about the range of plants you need to use.

We begin each season with a yearly bare root sale in mid-April. These are field grown hair and shrubs that are extremely simple to take care of and plant, and they are more economical than those planted in containers. Bare root likewise grow rapidly and adjust to brand-new conditions quickly. They are inactive when they get to the greenhouse, and we have them offered up until the warm temperature level wakes them up. Once they begin to leaf out, they require to be potted and can no longer be offered as bare root.

We likewise begin our planting for the season in mid-March. Throughout 4 weeks we plant over 100,000 plants! We have more than 3,000 hanging baskets and 2 200-foot long greenhouses filled with a range of annuals, consisting of some extremely distinct brand-new plants, including my brand-new preferred, the Crazytunias! We likewise have another 200-foot greenhouse that is committed to perennials, various ranges that include native plants.

We have an 80-foot long greenhouse that is devoted to veggies and herbs for the house garden enthusiast. In the backyard, we bring evergreens and a range of shrubs for developing the best landscaping around your house. We enjoy to talk with consumers about their style vision and assist them pick the plants that finest fit their requirements, environment, and looks.

We have actually had an extremely cool spring. What’s the very best time to begin putting annuals in the ground and getting our veggie gardens growing?

We advise not planting anything in the ground up until it is regularly over 45 degrees over night. There are some spring bloomers that can manage lower temperatures, such as pansies, snapdragons, and marigolds and can get in the ground earlier. We constantly advise cold solidifying your plants by gradually accustoming them to the cooler temperatures than they were utilized to. You can cold-harden plants setting them outside when temperatures are 40 degrees. Make certain to shelter them from the sun and wind the very first couple of days. In the evening, bring them into a warmer shelter. You can slowly increase the time outside based upon the weather condition and this procedure can take 1-2 weeks depending upon the temperature level and what kind of plant you are dealing with.

What are a few of the simplest plants to take care of? (I infamously have the reverse of a green thumb!)

Pansies and marigolds are truly sturdy and simple to take care of, zinnias are likewise stunning and make terrific cut flowers! We likewise have a big range of succulents this year.

What are a few of the very best plants for hanging baskets?

Personally, I like hanging baskets with overruning petunias or calibrachoa. I particularly delight in that they can be revitalized mid-season with a “hairstyle” if they get too leggy. Fuchsias and begonias likewise make spectacular baskets too and they succeed in dubious locations!

What do you want more individuals understood about gardening?

I believe the comprehending around the advantages of gardening has actually started to grow expediently. Gardening is so great for the soul and can truly supply a lot of psychological and physical advantages for individuals! Research studies have actually revealed that it enhances your state of mind through the sight, smells, and touch of plants! The microorganisms in the soil can aid with reducing tension and stress and anxiety.

I like that we are seeing more youthful and more youthful generations accepting gardening as not just a previous time however a lifestyle! We have actually seen a big uptick in young kids who are extremely thinking about growing their own food. We hope this enthusiasm for consuming straight from their own garden continues as they age. I myself was exposed to growing at a young age as my grandparents were regional farmers with big veggie gardens, an apple orchard, and dairy livestock. I like to believe that they would be happy that they instilled a love of growing in me and my bro (our Landscaping Lead) that continues to this day!

Get In Touch With Down to Earth Greenhouse

6104 N. 52nd Ave.– Wausau, WI 54401


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