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Population offers FX currency for $237.8 mln more than purchases in April– NBU


May 5, 2022

The volume of foreign currency sales by Ukraine’s population surpassed the volume of its purchase by $237.8 million in April, which is lower than the March figure of $357.4 million, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) reported.

According to the information on its site, net sales are still formed due to non-cash currency in the conditions of the practically total restriction on its purchase by the population presented by the National Bank considering that the start of the war: in April, the volume of currency sales reduced to $252.6 million from $375.3 million in March, while purchase volumes depend on $8.6 million from $18.6 million.

In the money market, the volume of deals even reduced, in spite of the NBU consent to banks from mid-April to offer foreign currency in volumes not surpassing its purchase. If in March banks offered $72 million to the population, then in April– $62.7 million. The volume of purchases of foreign currency from the population on the main market likewise reduced in April– to $68.8 million from $71.3 million a month previously.

At the very same time, in basic, bank consumers purchased more non-cash currency in April than they offered: the net purchase totaled up to $419 million compared to $165.1 million in March.

In basic, considering that the start of this year, the population has actually offered foreign currencies by $28.2 million more than they purchased, while bank consumers, on the contrary, purchased it by $2.84 billion more than they offered.

According to the NBU information, turnover in the main money forex market in March-April fell by more than 20 times compared to February, and by more than 30 times compared to December.

The volume of sales of non-cash currency reduced by approximately half compared to pre-war levels, while the volume of purchases fell by practically 2 orders of magnitude.

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