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‘Juggers’ target Houston entrepreneur who withdrew a large amount of cash


May 5, 2022

HOUSTON, Texas ( KWTX) – The Houston Cops Department’s Burglary Department is requesting the general public’s support to determine the suspects accountable for the “jugging” of an entrepreneur who had actually simply withdrawn cash from a bank.

The victim got to his corner store around 12:10 p.m. on April 23 in the 10000 block of Telephone when he was assaulted by 2 guys.

Cops stated the guys were trying to rob the guy of a bank bag including a large amount of cash.

The victim had actually simply finished a bank perform at a bank in Sugar Land at the 11700 block of University Blvd.

A worker inside the shop experienced what was taking place and ran outside to assist business owner.

Throughout the run-in, the bag of cash was up to the ground and the expenses spread in the parking area.

The suspects were seen getting as much money as they might in the past getting away in a Black GMC Yukon with paper plates.

Cops explained the suspects as 2 Black guys with a medium develop, and roughly 6 feet high. The guys were using hoodies and face coverings.

This case is likewise associated with another break-in that took place on March 8, 2022 at the 400 block of West Bell

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