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Dulles CBP Officers Take $46K in Unreported Currency from Ghana-bound Male, Egypt-bound Couple


May 5, 2022
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STERLING, Va.— The very best method for tourists to keep their currency when taking a trip is to honestly report all of it to a U.S. Customs and Border Security (CBP) officer throughout evaluation. CBP has actually duplicated that guidance for many years, yet officers still experience tourists at Washington Dulles International Airport who disregard that easy guidance.

For instance, CBP officers at Dulles airport just recently took more than $46,000 integrated throughout 2 different currency seizures from tourists leaving the United States.

CBP officers took more than
$ 20,000 in unreported currency from
a Ghana-bound male.

In the most current case on Sunday, CBP officers checked a U.S. resident predestined to Ghana. The male at first reported, both verbally and in composing, that he had $14,000. Nevertheless, officers found an overall of $19,904 in his carry-on bag, and an extra $500 in his knapsack for an overall of $20,404. Officers took the currency, returned $404 to the male as humanitarian relief, and launched him to continue his travel.

Previously, on April 26, a CBP currency detector pet dog signaled to a couple’s carry-on bags and the couple, who were predestined to Egypt, reported that they had $15,000. Throughout an evaluation, CBP officers found extra currency in the female’s bag and a lot more hidden inside a luggage liner for an overall of $26,043. CBP officers took the currency, then returned $1,043 as a humanitarian relief and launched the couple to continue their travel.

” We can not make this point enough, tourists can bring all the currency they wish to and from the United States, however U.S. federal law needs them to make an official report on quantities of $10,000 or higher. It’s that easy,” stated Daniel Escobedo, CBP’s Location Port Director for the Location Port of Washington, D.C. “The effects for breaking United States currency reporting laws are extreme– from missing out on a flight and disrupting trip strategies, to seeing all their currency taken by a Customs and Border Security officer, and to even dealing with prosecution for bulk currency smuggling. It’s too simple to simply be honest.”

CBP is not launching any of the tourists’ names since none were criminally charged.

There is no limitation to just how much currency or other financial instruments that tourists might give or get of the United States. Nevertheless, federal law [31 USC 5316] needs tourists to report all currency of $10,000 or higher to a CBP officer and tourists will require to finish U.S. Treasury Department Report of International Transport of Currency or Monetary Instruments[FINCEN 105] Tourists can get an early start on finishing reporting their currency by finishing the fillable FINCEN 105 kind prior to a CBP arrivals or departure evaluation. Learn more about currency reporting requirements

CBP took about $342,000 in unreported or illegal currency every day along our country’s borders in 2015.

CBP officers have actually observed that smuggled bulk currency is normally the earnings of illegal activity, such as from the sales of harmful drugs or earnings from monetary criminal offenses. CBP officers strive to counter at those global criminal companies by taking their smuggled currency.

CBP motivates all tourists to find out guidelines governing what they can and can not give the United States, plus actions of CBP’s worldwide arrivals evaluation procedure at CBP’s Know Prior To You Go web page. Simply a little research study can conserve tourists time throughout arrivals assessments and get them to their location quicker.

CBP’s border security objective is led at ports of entry by CBP officers from the Workplace of Field Operations. CBP officers screen worldwide tourists and freight and look for illegal narcotics, unreported currency, weapons, counterfeit durable goods, forbade farming, and other illegal items that might possibly damage the American public, U.S. organizations, and our country’s security and financial vigor. Discover what CBP achieved throughout “ A Common Day” in 2021.

Please go to CBP Ports of Entry to get more information about how CBP’s Workplace of Field Operations protects our country’s borders. Discover more about CBP at www.CBP.gov

Follow the Director of CBP’s Baltimore Field Workplace on Twitter at @DFOBaltimore for breaking news, existing occasions, human interest stories and pictures, and CBP’s Workplace of Field Operations on Instagram at @cbpfieldops

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