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Dow drops 1,120 points on losses for Salesforce Inc., Nike stocks


May 5, 2022
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Dragged down by unfavorable returns for shares of Salesforce Inc. and Nike, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is plunging Thursday afternoon. The Dow

was most just recently trading 1,120 points, or 3.3%, lower, as shares of Salesforce Inc.

and Nike.

are adding to the index’s intraday decrease. Salesforce Inc.’s shares are down $13.86 (7.5%) while those of Nike are down $7.18, or 5.7%, integrating for an approximately 139-point drag on the Dow. Apple Inc.
House Depot.
and Microsoft.

are likewise contributing considerably to the decrease. A $1 relocation in any among the 30 parts of the index leads to a 6.59-point swing.

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