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All 30 Dow stocks fall, with House Depot and UnitedHealth stocks the most significant point drags


May 5, 2022
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The 1,000-point plunge in the Dow Jones Industrial Average

is consentaneous, with all 30 parts losing ground. The most significant drags out the Dow were shares of House Depot Inc.
which toppled $14.97 (4.8%), and UnitedHealth Group Inc.
which dropped $14.18 (2.8%), to shave about a combined 192 points off the Dow’s cost. The Dow sank 1,003 points, or 3.0%, in midday trading. To name a few huge decliners, Salesforce Inc.’s stock.

was the most significant portion decliner, falling 6.8%, or $12.69, to cut the Dow’s cost by about 84 points. Apple Inc.’s stock, which moved 4.7%, or $7.72, was a 51-point drag on the Dow. The very best entertainer was Amgen Inc.’s stock.
as it just fell 0.5%.

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