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Alabama prison staff members saw Vicky White as ‘mom figure,’ prepared retirement celebration, constable states


May 5, 2022

Police authorities are searching for hints to narrow the search location for the Alabama corrections officer who has actually been charged with assisting a capital murder suspect escape the prison in Florence.

Vicky White and Casey White– who are not related– are thought to be on the run together after Vicky White assisted in Casey White’s escape on April 29 from the Lauderdale County prison.

” What we actually require is to understand what location of the nation they may be so we can focus,” Lauderdale County Constable Rick Singleton stated Thursday.

” Today, we’re needing to generally actually do an across the country search. I indicate, they have actually had 6 days now. We’re needing to do an across the country search. And we have actually got boots on the ground throughout the nation, acting on pointers and leads for us through the U.S. Marshal’s fugitive job force.

” So it’s simply a matter of time. We’ll get them. Certainly, the earlier the much better.”

Complete protection of the look for Vicky White and Casey White

Asked if he believed Vicky White and Casey White were still in north Alabama, Singleton stated, “I do not believe there are however clearly they extremely well might be. We do not actually have an idea where they’re at.”

Singleton stated the rust-colored Ford Edge Vicky White and Casey White were thought to be utilizing has actually not lain and it’s uncertain if they have actually dumped the vehicle after police accidentally launched a description or if they are still utilizing it.

Finding the vehicle is a top priority, the constable stated, to possible aid narrow the search location.

” I do not understand what their strategy was,” Singleton stated. “It’s apparent this was extremely well planned. It might be they’re simply holed up someplace awaiting things to wane.”

Police is still getting details about Vicky White and Casey White. A $10,000 benefit has actually been published for details resulting in the arrest of Casey White and $5,000 for details resulting in Vicky White’s arrest.

The U.S. Marshal Service launched a making of what Casey White and Vicky White may appear like if seen together. Casey White is 6-foot-9 and weighs about 330 pounds. Vicky White is 5-foot-5 and weighs about 145 pounds with blonde hair and has a waddling gait.

Singleton stated the constable’s workplace is still reeling from the reality that Vicky White is thought to have actually played such an important function in Casey White’s release.

A retirement celebration was being prepared for Vicky White on the day of the escape.

” I believe a few of them had actually gotten presents for her and various things due to the fact that they all appreciated her however a few of them nearly took a look at her as a mom figure,” Singleton stated.

” They’re simply ravaged. We brought therapists in for the staff members.

” Corrections officers are the genuine unrecognized heroes of the criminal justice system with what they need to bear with day in and day out. And it’s an extremely difficult task. And it’s not simply anyone can do that task. To discover one as great as Vicky White was simply unusual– somebody who might make a profession out of it.”

Keeping corrections officers on personnel is an obstacle, the constable stated.

” I do not understand the number of corrections officers we have actually been through simply considering that I have actually been constable in simply 7 years,” Singleton stated.

” The pay is worthless. And the workplace is most likely among the worst workplace you might request for.

” Simply a month earlier, we employed a boy. He reported work at 6 o’clock and at midday, he got his lunch break left, never ever returned. He called and stated he will not be back. He could not manage it. It simply took 6 hours.”

On The Other Hand, Vicky White had actually worked as a corrections officer for 17 years.

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