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Panasas Debuts New Products as It Highlights Storage Software Application in Organization Shift


May 4, 2022
Panasas ActiveStor Flash straight

Panasas started focusing on storage hardware, however more than twenty years on, the business is putting a huge bet on its software application stack to satisfy storage requirements for high-performance applications.

The business on Wednesday presented brand-new storage items called ActiveStor Ultra XL and ActiveStor Flash for high-performance computing and expert system applications. The items are constructed on the business’s PanFS file system, which manages information motion in big clusters released over a network.

The ActiveStor Ultra XL storage item has up to 5.76 petabytes of storage in a single 42U rack, while the all-flash ActiveStor Flash with NVMe (displayed in the header) supports as much as 368.64 TB of SATA SSDs and 30.72 TB of NVMe SSDs in a 4U rackmount chassis.

The PanFS file system talks with storage elements over a network to deal with big information sets. The file system, constructed on top of Linux, has elements that consist of the DirectFlow customer application, which is a loadable file system chauffeur that resides on the calculate node or a customer’s computer system; a director software application stack, which operates on director devices to deal with metadata management and likewise keeps the system healthy by keeping an eye on the storage cluster and cache coherency. A crucial PanFS part manages information and file motion at all nodes in the storage hierarchy.

” I understand what storage nodes hold what pieces of that file, heads out to speak to them in parallel, brings all the pieces back and after that hands them to the application as if it was simply an NFS demand, however it’s not,” stated Curtis Anderson, software application designer at Panasas.

The PanFS file system can run under Kubernetes, Anderson stated, including “we supply a POSIX file system namespace that is, in technical terms, cache meaningful throughout all the customers.”

In POSIX file systems, an application sees either the previous information or information that was composed. “We have the very same semantics, other than throughout nodes,” Anderson stated.

The brand-new storage items are the very first intros to the business’s portfolio in more than twenty years. Previously the business offered one item, ActiveStor Ultra, which has actually seen lots of versions.

” Previous to 2018 we were a systems business, after 2018 we are a software application business,” Anderson stated.

The business formerly created its own hardware as product parts weren’t offered. However with storage now a product, the business prepares for to deliver its software application stack on other OEM platforms as high-performance computing computer systems usually wish to purchase the calculate nodes, networking and storage from one supplier.

” When the client wishes to purchase PanFS, they will purchase our software application pre-bundled with Supermicro hardware. That’s the platform we’re presently dealing with. We’re intending on broadening to other platforms,” Anderson stated.

To make PanFS feasible for product hardware, the business reworded the software application stack, which now operates on top of Linux after a port from FreeBSD.

” That was the huge effort of getting product hardware– restructuring all of that software application stack into Linux,” Anderson stated.

An innovation called vibrant information velocity, which utilizes information size to make an information positioning choice, was constructed while moving the storage stack to Linux. That remains in contrast to a common flash-and hard-drive storage stack in which “hot” information goes up to a quicker storage tier and moves down when it cools down.

PanFS Dynamic Data Acceleration
Source: Panasas

” The insight here is that hard disk drives are excellent at providing efficiency if they do a look for and after that an actually big transfer. They’re horrible if they do a look for and little transfer. The secret is to just put large things on a hard disk. We need to put them someplace so we put them on capability flash. We segregate the metadata out so we understand where whatever lives, the [index nodes] and directory sites all that, [and] put that on to the low-latency NVMe flash. We can provide about two times the efficiency per hard disk drive compared to our rivals due to the fact that we’re doing this magic inside the storage stack,” Anderson stated.

Mark Nossokoff, research study director and lead storage expert at Hyperion Research study, discussed the Panasas items and brand-new instructions. “The current additions to the Panasas item household are dealing with a mix of intricate storage requirements arising from the merging of standard compute-intensive HPC modeling and simulation work with AI-driven data-intensive work,” Nossokoff informed HPCwire

” By boosting PanFS and providing it on basic hardware platforms … Panasas is intending to supply a single storage service efficient in pleasing the needed balance of cost, efficiency, and function requires despite the tasks being run.”

The prices for ActiveStor Ultra XL and ActiveStor Flash differs depending upon the client, the business stated.

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