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Chance for Africa to fill the product space


May 4, 2022
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F orecasts recommend that the international economy is dealing with a ‘product space’ in the future as the need for battery minerals could overtake supply; could Africa be the continent to fill that space?

There is definitely excellent factor to see Africa making an important contribution to future products of mined products from lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite to manganese, iron, copper, chrome, uranium and aluminium, according to SRK director and primary specialist Andrew van Zyl. While there are substantial resources of these minerals offered in Africa and even presently being mined, there stay difficulties which avoid their financial extraction– and which are frequently raised and gone over at the Purchasing African Mining Indaba in Cape Town.

Andrew van Zyl

” Among the reasons that the gold sector grows in numerous parts of Africa, for instance, is since it requires fairly little in the method of nationwide or state-managed facilities,” stated Van Zyl. “For much better or even worse, a cash cow can run rather successfully as an ‘island’ of activity and success– offering the majority of its own inputs to mine and procedure ore, and to carry the really compact end-product.”

By contrast, much of the products that are now growing in need are bulk minerals that require comprehensive roadway, rail and harbour facilities– so they can be transferred effectively and delivered to clients from working ports. Preparation and establishing such centers need more than capital, he argued. They depend on far-sighted federal government policies being carried out by well-resourced state bodies– integrated with partnership from the economic sector and global financing firms.

They likewise require close working relationships in between neighbouring nations, with the needed shared vision and useful procedures to enable trains, powerlines and products of all descriptions to pass over borders with very little effort and at the most affordable possible expense.


MEIS 2022

Even More, with the African Open Market Arrangement having actually entered into impact, this need to likewise speed up matters. “The start of trading under the African Continental Open Market Location (AfCFTA) arrangement on 1 January 2021 marks the dawn of a brand-new period in Africa’s advancement journey. With time, the AfCFTA will remove import tariffs on 97% of products traded on the continent, in addition to address non-tariff barriers,” states SRK Consulting ESG Partner Darryll Kilian.

Ivan Doku
Ivan Doku

There is little concern that the minerals of the future are to be generously discovered in Africa, stated Ivan Doku, primary resource geologist at SRK Consulting and nation supervisor for SRK Ghana.

” There is still a lot of chance for expedition and mining of battery minerals in West Africa, as we have actually just recently been finding in Ghana,” stated Doku. “The nation is ending up being an extremely fascinating location to check out today, having actually not been traditionally related to battery minerals. A considerable lithium deposit is presently being examined– the just one up until now in West Africa.”

He stated deposits like these had actually brought in substantial foreign interest, and it was most likely that more potential financiers would be taking a look at the area as more information on this job was released.

Van Zyl highlighted that the condition for– and effects from– big, bulk mineral tasks extended not simply to physical facilities however to neighborhoods. Mines with bigger footprints and longer supply chains upstream and downstream likewise impacted a broader natural and human environment.

” For these tasks to be sustainable in regards to ecological, social and governance (ESG) factors to consider, designers require to browse intricate surface associated to regulative compliance and social licence to run,” he stated. “This presumes a level of certainty in the expectations of the host nation, in addition to a high level of clinical and engineering ability being offered to assist mines recognize and reduce the associated threats.”

He stated Africa was slowly establishing the capability to provide on these requirements, and the continent required to share the expert competence that was offered throughout its borders and from the international neighborhood.

Wouter Jordaan
Wouter Jordaan

” It is necessary to bear in mind that Africa has actually made fantastic strides in a variety of elements, and we are effectively producing a big series of minerals, consisting of bulk products,” stated Van Zyl. “This is something that couple of established economies have actually attained and, while SRK is concentrating on additional enhancement in Africa, it is likewise contributing its competence to other established economies that are having a hard time to develop mining markets.”

SRK Consulting ecological researcher Wouter Jordaan even more kept in mind that SRK’s company design is set around partnership in between its international consulting practices to guarantee that the requirements of its customers are fulfilled. As an example, SRK has actually started a tactical technique of servicing its Chinese customers in Africa, especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia, from its workplaces in Lubumbashi, Beijing and Johannesburg.

SRK Consulting’s longer-term vision is focused on developing a devoted resource from China in its Lubumbashi workplace. This supplies the chance to engage with customers at head workplace and mine level, consequently offering the pertinent competence needed at each level. To enhance these links, the SRK South Africa, DRC and China group will be going to the Mining Indaba in May and DRC Mining Week in June. The collective effort will likewise take a look at facilities tasks within the area.

SRK Consulting will be at this year’s Mining Indaba. Visit them at cubicle 605.

This post has actually been included in the April– June 2022 edition of the African Mining Market.

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