Updated cTrader mobile app comes with Chart Pipsometer

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Fintech expert Spotware has earlier this week released the latest version of cTrader Mobile Beta. The solution has been updated to version 2.9 and is available now to download on Google Play and App Store. The new update comes with new chart type “Area”, Pipsometer (chart measuring tool) and social sharing functionality.

  • New Chart Type ‘Area’

The new version has incorporated a new chart type called “Area” or also known as “Mountain” chart. It shows the peaks and dips of price visually reminding of the side of the mountain.

  • Chart Pipsometer

Chart Pipsometer

Thanks to the pipsometer tool, traders can precisely measure pip distance on charts. Moreover, it clings to Open High Low Close of candles which makes the measurement very easy.

  • Social Sharing

Traders can invite friends to trade with cTrader Mobile App by sharing the link on their social networks, messengers, email or clipboard.

The updated mobile solution is released about a week after Spotware has announced its update of cTrader Web Beta to version 3.0. The new version introduces what the company calls an “all-in-one trading experience”. For instance, the redesigned cTrader Web 3.0 Beta adds a foldable side menu that collects all controls, navigation, and applications in one place. From here, traders can take fast actions, modify all settings and preferences, trade and analyze their performance just in a click. The side menu has also embedded a symbol finder and watchlists under the trade application.

Also, in response to traders’ requests, new features like linked charts and open positions counter have been added to the platform’s functionality. It also shows Trade Value and has possibility to manage sessions on different platforms and devices for more security. In addition, cTrader has introduced new application layouts and languages: Slovak, Malaysian and Indonesian.

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